Here you can find extras to Europe Chapter books, such as sounds and videos

 Extras to Human Factors of Systems and Technology Published in 2012

  • Anat Meir (pp. 277 – 289) Towards understanding hazard perception abilities among child-pedestrians Colour images

 Extras to Human Centred Automation Published in 2011

  • Gerald Schmidt(pp. 85 – 98) Violating the driver´s anticipation of threats and the effect of Forward Collision Warnings Colour images
  • Tessa-Karina Tews(pp. 111 – 121) Cues from facial expressions for emotional interfaces Colour images

 Extras to Human Factors: A system view of human, technology and organisation Published in 2010

  • Maider Larburu (pp. 89 – 98) Adaptive Human Vehicle Interface: different types of interaction in a virtual environment Colour images
  • Dan Basacik (pp. 217 – 230) Instrument panel illumination, vehicle lighting and driver errors Colour images
  • Julian Schindler (pp. 201 – 216) Exploratory design of a highly automated system for entering the expressway Colour images

 Extras to Human Factors, Security and Safety Published in 2009

  • Martine Hakkeling-Mesland (pp. 131 – 142) PAMELA, a portable solution for workflow support and human factors feedback in the aircraft maintenance environment Colour images
  • Anjum Naweed (pp. 189 – 202) Enhanced information design for high speed train displays: Determining goal set operation under a supervisory automated braking system Colour images
  • Shengguang Lei (pp. 285 – 294) Representation of Driver´s Mental Workload in EEG Data Colour images
  • Christina Howard (pp. 333 – 339) Searching for threat: factors determining performance during CCTV monitoring Colour images
  • Frank Kooi (pp. 355 – 368) Improving Situational Awareness in camera surveillance by combining top-view maps with camera images Colour images

 Extras to Human Factors for assistance and automation Published in 2008

  • Stephan Thoma (pp. 63 – 73) Speed recommendations during traffic light approach: a comparison of different display concepts Colour images
  • Ella Pinska (pp. 327 – 342) Modelling the allocation of visual attention using a Hierarchical Segmentation Model in the augmented reality environments for airport control tower Photos (augmented view)

 Extras to Human Factors Issues in Complex System Performance Published in 2007

  • Anjum Naweed (pp. 131 – 144) Enhanced Decision Support For Train Drivers: “Driving a train by the seat of your pants” Figures in colour
  • Karel Brookhuis (pp. 241 – 250) Effects of a new railway information system on train driver efficiency and subjective performance Figures in colour

 Extras to Developments in Human Factors in Transport, Design, and Evaluation Published in 2006

 Extras to Human Factors in Design, Safety, and Management Published in 2005

 Extras to Human Factors in Design Published in 2004