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On the occasion of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter Annual Meeting in Delft, The Netherlands, October 2004.Edited by
Dick de Waard, Karel Brookhuis, René van Egmond, and Theo Boersema 

D. de Waard, K.A. Brookhuis, R. van Egmond, and Th. Boersema (Eds.) (2005), Human Factors in Design, Safety, and Management. Maastricht, the Netherlands: Shaker Publishing.
ISBN 90-423-0269-0
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Contents preview one page Preface
   Dick de Waard, Karel Brookhuis, René van Egmond, and Theo BoersemaSafety & Transportpreview one page A study of driver visual behaviour while talking with passengers, and on mobile phones
   Rachel. K. Smith, Toni Luke, Andrew M. Parkes, Peter C. Burns, & Terry C. Lansdown
preview one page Visual distraction of paper map and electronic system based navigation
   Toni Luke & Nick Reed
preview one page Interaction between car drivers: a diary study
   Maura Houtenbos, Marjan Hagenzieker, & Andrew Hale
preview one page The number of participants required in occlusion studies of in-vehicle information systems (IVIS)
   Nick Reed, Nikki Brook-Carter, & Simon Thompson
preview one page User friendly terminology for driver assistance systems
   Marion Wiethoff, Alan Stevens, & Nikki Brook-Carter
preview one page Designing out terrorism: human factors issues in airport baggage inspection
   Alastair G. Gale, Kevin Purdy, & David Wooding
preview one page Visual strain of the underground train driver
   Hilda Herman
preview one page HUMANIST: Networking in the European Union for a human-centred design of new driver support systems
   Sascha M. Sommer
preview one page Different congestion indications on dynamic route information displays
   Ilse M. Harms, Matthijs Dicke, & Karel A. Brookhuis
preview one page The relation between seat belt use of drivers and passengers
   Erik Nuyts & Lara Vesentini
preview one page An exploratory study on crew actions as a precondition to use remote experts for preventing shipping disasters
   Elsabé J. Willeboordse, Wilfried M. Post, & Anthony W.K. Gaillard
preview one page Does Automatic Identification System information improve efficiency and safety of Vessel Traffic Services?
   Erik Wiersma & Wim van ´t Padje

Risk & Design

preview one page Turn on the lights: investigating the Inspire voice controlled smart home system
   Heleen Boland, Jettie Hoonhout, Claudia van Schijndel, Jan Krebber, Sebastian Möller, Rosa Pegam, Martin Rajman, Mirek Melichar, Dietmar Schuchardt, Hardy Baesekow, & Paula Smeele
preview one page Is there such a thing as a mental representation for interface layouts?
   Francesco Di Nocera, Michela Terenzi, Giovanni Forte, & Fabio Ferlazzo
preview one page Risk assessment in industry and offices

   Piia Tint & Karin Reinhold
preview one page Improvement of risk management in the marble industry
   Abdelaziz Tairi & Ahmed Cherifi
preview one page Prevention of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) at Delft University of Technology
   Marijke C. Dekker & Kineke Festen-Hoff
preview one page Application of Human Factors Engineering to an Italian ferryboat
   Antonella Molini, Stefania Ricco, Manuela Megna, & Dario Boot
preview one page Observed risk awareness in user centred design
   Freija van Duijne, Heimrich Kanis, Andrew Hale, & Bill Green
preview one page Iteration in design processes
   Daniëlle M.L. Verstegen

Alarms & Sound

preview one page Acceptance of mobile phone text messages as a tool for warning the population
   S. (Simone) Sillem, J.W.F. (Erik) Wiersma, & B.J.M. (Ben) Ale
preview one page Ways of representing sound
   Kirsteen Aldrich, Judy Edworthy, & Elizabeth Hellier
preview one page The effect of phonetic features on the perceived urgency of warning words in different languages
   Mirjam van den Bos, Judy Edworthy, Elizabeth Hellier, & Addie Johnson
preview one page A contextual vision on alarms in the intensive care unit
   Adinda Freudenthal, Marijke Melles, Vera Pijl,Addie Bouwman, & Pieter Jan Stappers
preview one page The influence of perceptual stability of auditory percepts on motor behaviour
   René van Egmond, Ruud G.J. Meulenbroek, & Pim Franssen


preview one page Working postures and physical demands on a utility vehicle assembly line
   Laura K. Thompson, Thorsten Franz, & Heinzpeter Rühmann
preview one page Ergonomic rucksack design for elementary school students in Indonesia to minimise low back pain
   Johanna Renny Octavia Hariandja, Bagus Arthaya, & Nana Suryani
preview one page Comparison of genetic and general algorithms of MLPs in posture prediction based on 3D scanned landmarks
   Bing Zhang, Imre Horváth., Johan F.M. Molenbroek, & Chris Snijders
preview one page The integration of anthropometry into computer aided design to manufacture and evaluate protective handwear
   Gavin Williams, Simon Hodder, George Torrens, & Tony Hodgson
preview one page Enhancing the use of anthropometric data
   Johan Molenbroek & Renate de Bruin

Usability & Performance

preview one page Differential usability of paper-based and computer-based work documents for control room operators in the chemical process industry
   Peter Nickel & Friedhelm Nachreiner
preview one page Analogue presentation of flight parameters on a head-up display
   Antoine J.C. De Reus & Harrie G.M. Bohnen
preview one page The effects of party line communication on flight task performance
   Helen Hodgetts, Eric Farmer, Martin Joose, Fabrice Parmentier, Dirk Schaefer, Piet Hoogeboom, Mick van Gool, & Dylan Jone
preview one page Yellow lessens discomfort glare: physiological mechanism(s)
   Frank L. Kooi, Johan W.A.M. Alferdinck, & David Post

Automation & Trust

preview one page Psychophysiological predictors of task engagement and distress
   Stephen H. Fairclough & Louise Venables
preview one page Consequences of shifting from one level of automation to another: main effects and their stability
   Francesco Di Nocera, Bernd Lorenz, & Raja Parasuraman
preview one page The Ergonomics of Attention Responsive Technology
   Alastair G. Gale, Kevin Purdy, & David Wooding
preview one page ACC effects on driving speed –a second look
   Nina Dragutinovic, Karel A. Brookhuis, Marjan P. Hagenzieker, & Vincent A.W.J. Marchau

Medical Systems

preview one page Ergonomics in surgery
   Martine A. van Veelen & Richard H.M. Goossens
preview one page The use of colour on the labelling of medicines
   Ruth Filik, Kevin Purdy, & Alastair Gale
preview one page Data display in the operating room
   Noemi Bitterman , Gideon Uretzky, & Daniel Gopher
preview one page Simulation and assessment of a North Sea rescue vessel
   Alistair Furnell, Matthew Mills, & Paul Crossland


preview one page Task analysis, subjective workload and experienced frequencies of incidents in an airport control tower
   Clemens M. Weikert & Suzanne A. van Ham
preview one page Measuring head-down time via area-of-interest analysis: operational and experimental data
   Brian Hilburn
preview one page Aviation incident reporting in Sweden: empirically challenging the universality of fear
   Kyla Steele & Sidney Dekker
preview one page Effects of workload and time-on-task effects on eye fixation related brain potentials in a simulated air traffic control task
   Ellen Wilschut, Piet Hoogeboom, Ben Mulder, Eamonn Hanson, & Berry Wijers
preview one page Fz theta divided by Pz alpha as an index of task load during a PC-based air traffic control simulation
   Matty Postma, Jan Schellekens, Eamonn Hanson, & Piet Hoogeboom
preview one page Designing safety into future Air Traffic Control systems by learning from operational experience
   Deirdre Bonini & Tony Joyce


preview one page How do we find safety problems before they find us?
   John A. Stoop
preview one page Developing a safety culture in a research and development environment: Air Traffic Management domain
   Rachael Gordon & Barry Kirwan
preview one page Moving closer to Human Factors integration in the design of rail systems: a UK regulatory perspective
   Deborah Lucas
preview one page Problems of limited context in redesign of complex situations in infrastructures
   Ellen Jagtman & Erik Wiersma

preview one page Acknowledgement to reviewers

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