Colour images 7 Human Factors in Design, Safety, and Management

Ergonomics in surgery

Martine.A. van Veelen & Richard.H.M. Goossens, Delft University of Technology

Extra to paper in D. de Waard, K.A. Brookhuis, R. van Egmond, and Th. Boersema (Eds.) (2005), Human Factors in Design, Safety, and Management (pp. 387 – 395). Maastricht, the Netherlands: Shaker Publishing.

color image 22-1

Figure. New designs for laparoscopic products that satisfy the new ergonomic guidelines and afford a neutral posture for surgeons and assistants.

1A: New design for a dissection forceps
1B: New design for a grasping forceps without ratchet
1C: New design for a grasping forceps with ratchet
1D: New design for a needle holder
1E: New design for a camera head
1F: New design for a standing support with adjustable foot floor
1G: New design for a foot pedal
1H: Overview of all new products in the OR to support the neutral posture of surgeon and assistants