Information for Delegates

Information for presenters 

Note, these are the Turin conference pages, all will be updated.

For oral paper presenters only:

  • Download the manuscript format with instructions in Word (templateHfesEurope2022). Your paper is due at the meeting. Please wait with preparing your paper until you have received a confirmation of acceptance for oral presentation.
  • Please note, there is no obligation to submit a paper, this is only an opportunity!

For poster presenters:

  • Information on format, the talking poster session, and the Best poster Prize is here: Poster_Information
  • Download the talking poster template (talkYOURNAME2022)
  • Note: a paper for the proceedings based on a poster presentation should only be prepared after our invitation (in practice: after winning the Best Poster Prize)

Information for all delegates

  • Information about Torino, and how to reach the conference site
  • If you travel to Italy from another country, you (still) need to fill out a Digital Passenger Locator Form before entering the country.
  • COVID 19 information: To be able to attend the conference the so-called super green pass is required. This means that you have to be vaccinated, a negative test result is not accepted. You should have had two vaccines with the second obtained January 22 2022 or later, OR two vaccines plus a 3rd jab (‘booster’) (which may have been received before January), AND you must be able to show a QR code (i.e. a digital proof of vaccination). Please note that these requirements are more strict than the requirements to enter the country. These are regulations imposed upon us by the Italian government, so we have to follow these.
    • Approved vaccines are ‘standard’ western vaccines: BioNTech/Pfizer, Janssen, Nuvaxovid, Spikevax (Moderna), or AstraZentica.
    • The easiest way to check validity of your QR code is to check with the app VerificaC19 (installed on another phone). It is all in Italian, but you can give it a try (even I managed). You will be required to select one of these: B-Base, V – Visitatori RSA, R- Rafforzata, I- Ingresso IT, and S Studenti. Select R Rafforzata (Strict/Reinforced). There is more information about the app (in Italian of course), and you can download the app here: Google Play or Apple store.
  • Find out more here:
  • At the conference site, you will be required to wear an FFP2 face mask if you are inside the building. So, also when seated in the (large) conference room. Please note that this has to be an FFP2 mask, a Surgical Mask is not accepted. Only when outside or having lunch the mask may be taken off
  • The museum will take all other precautions that are needed, such as proper ventilation and the opportunity to disinfect your hands and so.
  • Turismo Torino  prepared a brochure especially for conference delegates, it is part of the conference pack but also available for download.