Information for Delegates

Information for presenters 

For oral paper presenters only:

  • Download the manuscript format with instructions in Word (templateHfesEurope2022). Your paper is due at the meeting. Please wait with preparing your paper until you have received a confirmation of acceptance for oral presentation.
  • Please note, there is no obligation to submit a paper, only an opportunity!

For poster presenters:

  • Information on format, the talking poster session, and the Best poster Prize (Poster_Information)
  • Download the talking poster template (talkYOURNAME2022)
  • Note: a (poster)paper for the proceedings should only be prepared after our invitation (in practice: after winning the Best Poster Prize)

Information for all delegates

  • Information about Torino, and how to reach the conference site
  • COVID 19 information: To be able to attend the conference the so-called super green pass is required. This means that you have to be vaccinated, a negative test result is not accepted. Italian rules and regulations may change again however…..