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On the occasion of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter Annual Meeting in Leeds, England, October 2011.
Edited by
Dick de Waard, Natasha Merat, Hamish Jamson, Yvonne Barnard, and Oliver Carsten

Dick de Waard, Natasha Merat, Hamish Jamson, Yvonne Barnard, and Oliver Carsten (Eds.) (2012), Human Factors of Systems and Technology. Maastricht, the Netherlands: Shaker Publishing.ISBN 978-90-423-0416-1
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Contents  previewPreface
   Dick de Waard, Natasha Merat, Hamish Jamson, Yvonne Barnard, and Oliver Carsten
 previewThe Ballad of Blind Jack Metcalf

 previewDeveloping a method for measuring Situation Awareness in rail signalling
   David Golightly, Sarah Sharples, John Wilson, & Emma Lowe
 previewUser trust and acceptance of real time rail planning tools
   Rebecca Charles, Nora Balfe, Sarah Sharples, John Wilson, & Theresa Clarke
 previewConnect 4? The compatibility of driver, motorcyclist, cyclist, and pedestrian situation awareness
   Paul M. Salmon, Kristie Young, & Miranda Cornelissen
 previewDevelopment of a model predicting the use of automated decision aids
   Rebecca Wiczorek & Linda Onnasch
 previewThe effects of preliminary information about adaptive cruise control on trust and the mental model of the system: a matched-sample longitudinal driving simulator study
   Matthias Beggiato & Josef F. Krems
 previewThe impact of a large-screen projection of the technical process on shared mental models and team performance in a furnace control room
   Vera Hagemann, Annette Kluge, & Björn Badura
 previewExploring the acceptance of mobile technologies using walking interviews
   Frances Hodgson, Yvonne Barnard, Mike Bradley, & Ashley D. Lloyd


 previewController-Pilot communication in a Multiple-Airport-Control scenario
   Nora Wittbrodt & Adeline Nelsiana Chandra
 previewAir Traffic Controller assistance systems for attention direction: comparing visual, acoustical, and tactile feedback
   Maik Friedrich, Bernhard Weber, Simon Schätzle, Hendrik Oberheid, Carsten Preusche, & Barbara Deml
 previewThe Eurofighter Typhoon cockpit assessment process
   Suzanne Broadbent
 previewIntroduction of ramp-LOSA at KLM Ground Services
   Robert J. de Boer, Bekir Koncak, Robbin Habekotté, & Gert-Jan van Hilten
 previewA phonetic approach for detecting sleepiness from speech in simulated Air Traffic Controller-communication
   Jarek Krajewski, Thomas Schnupp, Christian Heinze, Sebastian Schnieder, Tom Laufenberg, David Sommer, & Martin Golz


 previewThe Lane Change Test: United Kingdom results from a multi-laboratory calibration study
   Terry C. Lansdown
 previewElectric vehicles: an eco-friendly mode of transport which induces changes in driving behaviour
   Elodie Labeye, Myriam Hugot, Michael Regan, & Corinne Brusque
 previewInteraction between driver and infotainment system using a touchpad with haptic feedback
   Andreas Blattner, Roland Spies, Klaus Bengler, & Werner Hamberger
 previewBehaviour of deck officers with new assistance systems in the maritime domain
   Albert Kircher, Fulko van Westrenen, Håkan Söderberg, & Margareta Lützhöft
 previewInvestigating visually distracted driver reactions in rear-end crashes and near crashes based on 100-car study data
   Henrik Lind, Selpi, & Marco Dozza
 previewContributing factors to driving errors in trucking industry: drivers’ individual, task and organisational attributes
   Ya Li & Kenji Itoh
 previewDon’t be upset! Can cars regulate anger by communication?
   Sabine Wollstädter, Hans-Rüdiger Pfister, Mark Vollrath,& Rainer Höger
 previewPrecision of congestion warnings: Do drivers really need warnings with precise information about the position of the congestion tail
   Ingo Totzke, Frederik Naujoks, Dominik Mühlbacher, & Hans-Peter Krüger
 previewThe existence and impact of the Psychological Refractory Period effect in the driving environment
   Daryl Hibberd, Samantha Jamson, & Oliver Carsten


 previewDrivers’ visual behaviour at cycle crossings
   Carmen Kettwich & Carina Fors
 previewTowards understanding hazard perception abilities among child-pedestrians
   Anat Meir, Tal Oron-Gilad, Avinoam Borowsky, & Yisrael Parmet


 previewOn-shore supervision of off-shore gas production – Human Factors challenges
   Ruud N. Pikaar, Renske B. Landman, Niels de Groot, & Leen de Graaf
 previewCognitive Task Analysis – a relevant method for the development of simulation training in surgery
   Norman Geissler, Anke Hoffmeier, Susanne Kotzsch, Stephanie Trapp, Nadine Riemenschneider, & Werner Korb
 previewCognitive performance limitations in operating rooms
   Nicki Marquardt, Kristian Gerstmeyer, Christian Treffenstädt, & Ricarda Gades-Büttrich
 previewCollecting battlefield information using a multimodal personal digital assistant
   Stas Simon Krupenia, Mathilde Cuizinaud, Tijmen Muller, & Anja H. van der Hulst


 previewDeveloping a unified model of driving behaviour for cars and trains
   Björn Peters, Anna Vadeby, Åsa Forsman, & Andreas Tapani
 previewImplementation of a Unified Model of Driver into numerical algorithms for a predictive simulation of behaviour in different transportation contexts
   Magnus Hjälmdahl, Aladino Amantini, & Pietro C. Cacciabue
 previewHow is surrounding traffic complexity related to driver workload?
   Evona Teh, Samantha Jamson, & Oliver Carsten
 previewTechnologies to support socially connected journeys: Designing to encourage user acceptance and utilisation
   Sarah Sharples, David Golightly, Caroline Leygue, Claire O’Malley, James Goulding, & Ben Bedwell

 previewAcknowledgement to reviewers

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