Colour images 1 Human Factors: A system view of human, technology and organisation

Adaptive Human Vehicle Interface: different types of interaction in a virtual environment

Maider Larburu, Adrian Martin, Domingo José Rodriguez, & Arkaitz Urquiza
Tecnalia – Robotiker

Extra to paper in D. de Waard, A. Axelsson, M. Berglund, B. Peters, and C. Weikert (Eds.), (2010). Human Factors: A system view of human, technology and organisation (pp. 89 – 98). Maastricht, the Netherlands: Shaker Publishing.

Colour images

color image 3-1

Figure 1. The MARTA platform and the haptic throttle pedal.

color image 3-3

Figure 3. Scenario scheme

color image 3-4

Figure 4. Instrument cluster appearance and ADAS synoptic visual warning (out of lane, pedestrian crossing, crossing traffic).

color image 3-5

Figure 5. Different warnings for Fuel Consumption Warning synoptic. Left hand picture was shown if the system is not connected, second one if the driver was driving very uneconomic, et cetera ).