Travelling to Lübeck and the conference site

Nestled along the Trave River, Lübeck is not just a UNESCO World Heritage city, but also a hub of maritime history and queen of the Hanseatic League. Known for its stunning Gothic architecture, the city offers a rich cultural experience with its historic old town and the famous Lübeck Marzipan. The beach is a 25min train ride from the city centre. You may wish to use our zoomable map to see where exactly Lübeck is located, and where the railway station, Hamburg airport and conference site are. Find out more here:

The conference site

The conference will be held in the European Hanse museum (An der Untertrave 1
23552 Lübeck).

Travelling to Lübeck

by air

Hamburg airport is closest if need to travel by air. More information will follow.

by train

Lübeck has a good train connection with Hamburg. Plan your journey with Deutsche Bahn.


A list will follow.

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