Travelling to Berlin and the conference site.

Berlin is the capital of Germany. Where is Berlin exactly, and where are the airports and conference site? A zoomable map is here.

The conference site

The conference will be held at the Harnack Haus (Ihnestr. 16-20, 14195 Berlin). You can reach it by taking the U-Bahn line 3, exit Freie Universität (formerly “Thiel Platz”). Exit, walk in direction the underground (“aboveground”) continues, i.e. follow the crowds and direction Freie Universität, up the stairs, keep left and cross the road and continue in the direction the underground also continues…, after 150 metres there it is on your left hand side, the entrance:

Harnack Haus

Travelling to Berlin

by air

Berlin (still) has two airports, Tegel (TXL) & Schönefeld (SFX). How to travel to/from the airports can be found on the following sites: Tegel and Schönefeld.

by train

Berlin has good rail connections with all major cities in Germany (also with high speed trains, ICE, Inter City Express) and with many cities in Europe. The main railway station is Berlin Hauptbahnhof. Plan your route with German Railways DB.

Travelling in Berlin

Travel with public transport is easy, you can buy a single ticket or a day card valid in U-Bahn, S-bahn (urban rail), trams, and buses. The centre is zone A, the conference site is in zone B. In general an AB card is fine, Airport Tegel is also in these zones (only airport Schönefeld is outside AB and in zone C). A single AB ticket is euro 2.80 and valid 2 hours, a day ticket (valid up to 3 AM at night) gives more freedom and convenience and costs euro 7.  Please check which ticket will be made available at the conference. Best advice now is to first buy a single ticket to reach the conference site. But if you arrive earlier in Berlin check the bvg site to see all options. Oh, and always validate the ticket with “a stamp” before the (first) journey.

You can buy tickets at manned desks at for example the main railwaystation, or at machines, e.g. on the S-Bahn platforms (at the Hauptbahnhof on the top level). An alternative is to install the BVG app on your smartphone and buy tickets electronically.


The conference site is a bit off city centre but can be easily reached by underground (U-Bahn line U3). A hotel near this line will save you travel time in the morning. You can also stay very close to the Harnack House on one minute walking distance, in one of the 35 Harnack House rooms we have blocked for October 7-10. A room for single use costs € 85, a double room for two persons € 121, breakfast included. You can book these rooms for the rate mentioned up to September 9th. More about the rooms here. In case you want to book, send an email to info[at] and mention the booking code: 3945.