Travelling to Nantes and the conference site

Nantes is a historical city in the west of France. Where is Nantes exactly, and where is the airport and conference site? A zoomable map is here.

The conference site

The conference will be held at the Ecole Centrale de Nantes, LS2N, Laboratoire des Sciences du Numérique de Nantes.


Central point in Nantes is “Commerce”. All trams stop there. When travelling to the conference, you are advised to take Tram line 2, in the direction “Orvault-Grand Val”, and get off at stop “Ecole Centrale Audencia”. From Commerce to Ecole Centrale (and vice versa) takes on average 15 minutes. More information on the tram.

You can buy a 1 hour ticket at the stops (costs € 1.70, pay in cash or by card). Validate the ticket inside the tram. At the conference we will provide tickets for the tram for the remaining days.

From the stop “Ecole Centrale Audencia”, walk 20 metres back and take the RUE DE LA NOË where you can enter. The conference is in building “S”, Amphi S – Hall S (GPS: 47°15’00.8″N 1°32’50.4″W [47.250226, -1.547326]), but there will be directions on site. You can also find a map here.

Amphi S – Hall S 


Travelling to Nantes

by air

Nantes has an airport (NTE, “Nantes Atlantique”). To travel from the airport to the city centre (commerce or ‘Gare Sud’ ) you can use the bus, navette  (€ 9). The journey takes about 20 minutes.
A cheap (€ 2) but slightly more complex way is to first take a bus to Neustrie  and then Tram 3.

by train

Nantes has good rail connections with all major cities in France (also with high speed trains, TGV). The main railway station is Gare de Nantes. Plan your route with SNCF.



We will add some suggestions shortly. In general the advice is to book a hotel not too far off “Commerce”

Tourist Link: City of Nantes