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On the occasion of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter Annual Meeting in Braunschweig, Germany, October 2007.Edited by
Dick de Waard, Frank Flemisch, Bernd Lorenz, Hendrik Oberheid, and Karel Brookhuis
Illustrations by Eva Fabriek

Dick de Waard, Frank Flemisch, Bernd Lorenz, Hendrik Oberheid, and Karel Brookhuis (Eds.) (2008), Human Factors for assistance and automation. Maastricht, the Netherlands: Shaker Publishing.
ISBN 978-90-423-0350-8
Paperback, 504 pages, € 36 (paperback) or € 9 (pdf download, not printable), please check prices at the publisher.
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Contents preview one page Preface
   Dick de Waard, Frank Flemisch, Bernd Lorenz, Hendrik Oberheid, & Karel Brookhuis

KEYNOTEpreview one page Error and motivation in driving
   Oliver Carsten


preview one page Effects of tree aromas on automobile drivers’ fatigue reduction and wakefulness assessed with finger-pulse fluctuations
   Keisuke Suzuki & Shigeki Harada
preview one page Changing lanes with active lanekeeping assistance: a simulator study
   Gerrit Schmidt, Kirstin L.R. Talvala, Joshua P. Switkes, Miklós Kiss, & J. Christian Gerdes
preview one page Speed recommendations during traffic light approach: a comparison of different display concepts
   Stephan Thoma, Thomas Lindberg, & Gudrun Klinker
preview one page Pupillometry as a method for measuring mental workload within a simulated driving task
   Maximilian Schwalm, Andreas Keinath, & Hubert D. Zimmer
preview one page A three-level model of Situation Awareness for driving with in-vehicle devices
   Nadja Rauch, Barbara Gradenegger, & Hans-Peter Krüger
preview one page Exploring appropriate alarm timing for a driver-adaptive forward collision warning system
   Genya Abe & Makoto Itoh
preview one page Effects of auditory warnings on driving behaviour
   Nicola Fricke & Mònica De Filippis
preview one page Effects of preactivated mental representations on driving performance
   Jessica Seidenstücker & Rainer Höger
preview one page The effect of experience, relevance, and interruption duration on drivers´ mental representation of a traffic situation
   Martin R.K. Baumann, Thomas Franke, & Josef F. Krems
preview one page Overriding the ACC by keys at the steering wheel: positive effects on driving and drivers´ acceptance in spite of a more complex ergonomic solution
   Ingo Totzke, Véronique Huth, Hans-Peter Krüger, & Klaus Bengler
preview one page A model of normal and impaired visual exploration while steering: a way to identify assistance needs
   Isabelle Milleville, Camilo Charron, Jean-Michel Hoc, & Jean-François Mathé
preview one page Advanced Driver Assistance Systems – Impact of psychological variables on the acceptance of modern technologies
   Stefanie Müller, Heidi Ittner, & Volker Linneweber
preview one page Human centred design for informative and assistive technology in transport
   Annie Pauzié & Anabela Simões
preview one page Getting back to basics: using road accident investigation to identify the desirable functionality of longitudinal control systems
   Nikolaos Gkikas, Julian R. Hill, & John H. Richardson
preview one page Simulator training for truck-driving: indications of learning effects
   Annette Kluge & Dina Burkolter
preview one page Analysis of automation in current UK rail signalling systems
   Nora Balfe, John R. Wilson, Sarah Sharples, & Theresa Clarke


preview one page KONVOI: Electronically coupled truck convoys
   Matthias Wille, Markus Röwenstrunk, & Günter Debus
preview one page Automation spectrum, inner / outer compatibility and other potentially useful human factors concepts for assistance and automation
   Frank Flemisch, Johann Kelsch, Christian Löper, Anna Schieben, & Julian Schindler
preview one page Objective and subjective assessment of warning and motor priming assistance devices in car driving
   Jordan Navarro, Franck Mars, Jean-François Forzy, Myriam El-Jaafari,& Jean Michel Hoc
preview one page Adaptive Automation enhances human supervision of multiple uninhabited vehicles
   Ewart de Visser, Don Horvath, & Raja Parasuraman
preview one page A simple minded model for levels of automation
   Michela Terenzi & Francesco Di Nocera
preview one page Inter-individual differences in executive control activity during simulated process control: comparison of performance and physiological patterns
   Peter Nickel, Adam C. Roberts, Michael H. Roberts, & G. Robert J. Hockey


preview one page Modelling the allocation of visual attention using a Hierarchical Segmentation Model in the augmented reality environments for airport control tower
   Ella Pinska & Charles Tijus
preview one page Empowerment of the planning controller in the use of Controller-Pilot Data-Link Communication (CPDLC)
   Renée Schuen-Medwed, Bernd Lorenz, & Stefan Oze
preview one page Designing scenarios: the challenge of a multi-agent context for the investigation of authority distribution in aviation
   Sonja Straussberger & Guy Boy
preview one page Head-Mounted Display – evaluation in simulation and flight trials
   Sven Schmerwitz, Helmut Többen, Bernd Lorenz,& Bernd Korn


preview one page Everyday mistakes: confidence or cognition?
   Robert R.A. van Doorn & Fred R.H. Zijlstra
preview one page A model based approach to Cognitive Work Analysis and work process design in air traffic control
   Christoph Möhlenbrink, Hendrik Oberheid, & Bernd Werther
preview one page An integrated model for working environments and rail human factors
   Malte Hammerl, Bärbel Jäger, & Karsten Lemmer


preview one page The effects of travel information presentation on driver behaviour
   Karel A. Brookhuis, Matthijs Dicke, Rosanne L. Rademaker, Sander R.F. Grunnekemeijer, Jorien N.J van Duijn, Maarten Klein Nijenhuis, Nynke A. Benedictus, & Elmas Eser
preview one page Supporting the localisation of task-relevant information
   Martin Groen & Jan Noyes
preview one page Virtual Reality in HMI research: attentional and motor performance in 3D-space
   Claudia Armbrüster, Marc Wolter, Torsten Kuhlen, Will Spijkers, & Brunno Fimm
preview one page Evaluation of task-oriented package design to control attention in out-of-box experience on internet services
   Masaru Miyamoto & Momoko Nakatani
preview one page Human factors involved in container terminal ship-to-shore crane operator tasks: operator fatigue and performance analysis at Cagliari Port
   Gianfranco Fancello, Gianmarco D´Errico, & Paolo Fadda
preview one page The different human factor in automation: the developer behind versus the operator in action
   Hartmut Wandke & Jens Nachtwei

preview one page Acknowledgement to reviewers

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