HFES Europe Chapter Winners – Best Poster Award Winners since 2009


Leonie Kloep, winner 2024 in Lübeck

Year, Conference Location Winner Paper
2024, Lübeck Leonie Kloep
University of Lübeck
How to flow in manufacturing work – Rethinking gamification in designing manufacturing workplaces
2023, Liverpool Marc Schwarzkopf, Chemnitz University of Technology Do you plan virtually safe? Recommendations for a VR application that rates the perceived safety of bicycle infrastructure for urban planners
2022, Torino Mirjam Lanzer, Ulm University How media reports influence drivers’ perception of safety and trust in automated vehicles in urban traffic
2019, Nantes Yu-Jeng Kuo, Kempten University of Applied Science Objective Workload Evaluation with Lane Keeping Assistance System using Physiological Signal and Driving Performance Metrics
2018, Berlin Orlando Ricciardi, Sapienza University Rome Fidgeting as a sensory reinforcement strategy for overcoming boredom
2017, Rome Susann Winkler, Technische Universität Braunschweig Practice makes perfect – driving experience with a multi stage warning system
2016, Prague Sven Bock, Technische Universität Berlin Quality of reactions on peripheral given stimuli while driving
2015, Groningen Isabel Neumann,  Technische Universität Chemnitz
Eco-Pedaling: Manpower versus support level assistance
2014, Lisboa Sven Schmutz, University of Fribourg Barrier-free web design and non-disabled users
2013, Torino Dafne Piersma, University Groningen Shifting from manual to automatic gear when growing old: good advice? Results from a driving simulator study
2012, Toulouse Nina Gross, University Duisburg-Essen “Why don´t you share what you know?” – Factors influencing workers´ knowledge sharing behaviour
2011, Leeds Ingo Totzke, Centre for Traffic Sciences (IZVW), University of Würzburg Precision of congestion warnings: Do drivers really need warnings with precise information about the congestion tail´s position?
2010, Berlin Tessa-Karina Tews, Leuphana University of Lüneburg Emotional Interfaces in Cars: Cues from Facial Expressions
2009, Linköping Nora Wittbrodt, Technical University Berlin Identification of performance parameters in complex and dynamic work environments: the example of aerodrome Air Traffic Control
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