Colour images 5 Human Factors, Security and Safety

Improving Situational Awareness in camera surveillance by combining top-view maps with camera images

Frank Kooi & René Zeeders
TNO Human Factors

Extra to paper in D. de Waard, J. Godthelp, F.L. Kooi, and K.A. Brookhuis (Eds.), (2009). Human Factors, Security and Safety (pp. 355 – 368). Maastricht, the Netherlands: Shaker Publishing.

Colour images

color image 10-1

top views

Figure 6. The four top-view maps: the Control condition (left-above), the Prism or ‘Window’ condition (left-below), the Mirror condition (right-above), and the mixed condition (right-below).

color image 10-2

Figure 7. Figure 7. Example of a ‘camera image’ image