Grants – Europe Chapter exchange programme

VRC Corporation Grant

VRC Corporation focuses on operational and developmental test and evaluation, transportation systems human factors, and training research and development services. VRC has decided to stimulate the Europe Chapter exchange programme. For this purpose the VRC Corporation Grant was established.

In general terms, the following grant limitations apply:

For exchange:

  • Main focus groups are students and post-graduates interested in participating in a research project abroad, wanting to learn state-of-the-art techniques, participate in research co-operation, or work on their thesis.
  • Exchange/visits should take place between the USA and Europe (both directions), or within European institutions or universities
  • To be eligible, either the visitor or a co-worker of the hosting institute should be member of the Europe Chapter.
  • Visits to companies/universities are typically intended to be for a short term (typically 1 week – 3 months)
  • The maximum financial contribution is € 1.200.-

Needless to say that the Grant is restricted, and not all applications can be (fully) awarded.

Application procedure 
Download the appropriate form(s) and return these to the Europe Chapter’s secretary.

All applications will be examined by the Grant Committee of the Europe Chapter of the HFES.
Enquiries about the grant should be addressed to Dick de Waard.

VRC Grant Committee

Thomas Franke, Giulio Bianchi Piccinini, Clemens Weikert, Dick de Waard.

Above text merely describes intentions, goals, and focus groups of the grant, no rights can be derived from the text on this web page