Colour images 1 Human Factors for assistance and automation

Speed recommendations during traffic light approach: a comparison of different display concepts

Stephan Thoma, Thomas Lindberg, & Gudrun Klinker
BMW Group

Extra to paper in D. de Waard, F.O. Flemisch, B. Lorenz, H. Oberheid, and K.A. Brookhuis (Eds.), (2008) Human Factors for assistance and automation (pp. 63 – 73). Maastricht, the Netherlands: Shaker Publishing.


color image 11-1

Figure 1. Countdown HMI: Remaining seconds in the green phase

color image 11-2

Figure 2. Min/Max speed recommendation HMI

color image 11-3

Figure 3. Speed indicator HMI

color image 11-4

Figure 4. Simulator and mock-up setup (In this picture, only three of five projectors are active)