Books: Human Factors Issues in Complex System Performance

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On the occasion of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter Annual Meeting in Sheffield, England, October 2006.
Edited by
Dick de Waard, Bob Hockey, Peter Nickel, and Karel Brookhuis

Illustrations by Eva Fabriek

Dick de Waard, Bob Hockey, Peter Nickel, and Karel Brookhuis (Eds.) (2007), Human Factors Issues in Complex System Performance. Maastricht, the Netherlands: Shaker Publishing.
ISBN 978-90-423-0325-6
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Contentspreview one page Preface    Dick de Waard, Bob Hockey, Peter Nickel, & Karel Brookhuis

preview one page The human factors of complex systems: a personal view
   Neville Moray


preview one page Tactile land navigation for dismounted soldiers
   Maaike Duistermaat, Linda R. Elliott, Jan B.F. van Erp, & Elizabeth S. Redden
preview one page Sleep loss and complex team performance
   Jeff Whitmore, Scott Chaiken, Joseph Fischer, Richard Harrison, & Donald Harville
preview one page The structure of contributing factors of human error in safety-critical industries
   Nicki Marquardt & Rainer Höger
preview one page Cognitive Work Analysis of a Sensor to Effecter System: implications for network structures
   Daniel P. Jenkins, Neville A. Stanton, Guy H. Walker, Paul M. Salmon, & Mark S. Young
preview one page A computer based tool for cognitive workload measurement in marine operations
   David Embrey & Claire Blackett
preview one page Short-term heart rate measures as indices of momentary changes in invested mental effort
   Ben Mulder, Heleanne Rusthoven, Marnel Kuperus, Michel de Rivecourt, & Dick de Waard
preview one page Concurrent validity of an ocular measure of mental workload
   Marco Camilli, Michela Terenzi, & Francesco Di Nocera
preview one page Enhanced decision support for train drivers: “Driving a train by the seat of your pants”
   Anjum Naweed, Richard Bye, & Bob Hockey
preview one page Human reliability: analysis of procedure violations on traffic control of a light railway network
   Pedro Ferreira
preview one page Railway infrastructure engineering in the wild
   Richard Bye & Anjum Naweed
preview one page Biomechanics of securing vehicles for transport
   Sandra Anstaett Metzler, Jeffrey Bookwalter, & Nick Eiselstein


preview one page ´Intuitive´ vibrotactile collision warnings for drivers
   Cristy Ho, Nick Reed, & Charles Spence
preview one page Driver behaviour analysed by image analysis
   Gaetano Bosurgi, Antonino D´Andrea, & Orazio Pellegrino
preview one page Evaluation of different ergonomic factors in the cabin of drivers in public transport
   Iva Macku & Alexandr Pesak
preview one page Perceived styling and usability in integrated centre panel layouts as a function of interaction style and age
   Robert Broström, Peter Bengtsson, & Jakob Axelsson
preview one page Driver attitudes towards advanced driver assistance systems -a cross-cultural study
   Anders Lindgren, Robert Broström, Fang Chen, & Peter Bengtsson
preview one page Solving communication problems in the transportation sector
   Claire Huijnen & Ilse Bakx
preview one page Correlates of simulator sickness in a truck driver training programme and the development of an effective screening process
   Nick Reed & Andrew M. Parkes
preview one page Enhanced information design for high speed trains
   Anjum Naweed, Richard Bye, & Bob Hockey
preview one page Effects of a new railway information system on train driver efficiency and subjective performance
   Karel Brookhuis & Irene Taroni


preview one page The use of three-dimensional animations in aircraft maintenance documentation
   Joël Tapie, Yvonne Barnard, Patrick Mazoyer, Jonathan Devun, & Marie Moal
preview one page Shared situational awareness as a systems-level phenomenon: applying propositional networks to shared awareness in teams
   Chris Baber, Robert J. Houghton, Richard McMaster, & Neville A. Stanton
preview one page Representing Distributed Situation Awareness: a case study in Multi-National operations
   Paul M. Salmon, Neville A. Stanton, Chris Baber, Guy H. Walker, Rob Houghton, Daniel P. Jenkins, & Richard McMaster
preview one page Users´ mental models of infotainment systems
   Tanja Schilling


preview one page A comparison of HEART and FMEA risk assessment results in evaluating an automated dispensing system in hospital pharmacy
   Tabassum Jafri, Melinda Lyons, Shelly Jeffcott, James Ward, & John Clarkson
preview one page Making it quantitative: early phases of development of a new taxonomy for levels of automation
   Michela Terenzi, Marco Camilli, & Francesco Di Nocera
preview one page Development of a cyclic loading method for the study of patterns of breakdown in complex performance under high load
   Peter Nickel, Adam C. Roberts, Michael H. Roberts, & G. Robert J. Hockey
preview one page Effects of cyclic loading on complex performance and operator functional state
   G.E. (Gareth) Conway & G.R.J. (Bob) Hockey
preview one page How to develop and use assistance systems efficiently – Using the microworld to acquire knowledge for developers and operators
   Barbara Gross & Jens Nachtwei
preview one page Do cognitive assistance systems reduce operator workload?
   Stefan Röttger, Krisztina Bali, & Dietrich Manzey
preview one page Supporting human-centred function allocation through animated formal models
   Hendrik Oberheid, Bernd Lorenz, & Bernd Werther
preview one page Design of alarm systems in different complex control settings
   Anna Thunberg & Anna-Lisa Osvalder


preview one page Locating task-objective relevant information in text
   Martin Groen & Jan Noyes
preview one page Haptic, visual and cross-modal perception of interface information
   Annie Rydström & Peter Bengtsson
preview one page Control of information flooding and mode confusions: lessons from major engineering projects
   W. Ian Hamilton, Joanne Stokes, & Graham Kenyon
preview one page Videoconferencing in a collaborative environment: Do partial gaze awareness and shared workspace make a difference?
   Marc Arial & Brigitta Danuser


preview one page Effects of time pressure on searching for terrorist threats in X-ray air passenger luggage images
   Xi Liu & Alastair Gale
preview one page Methodological approach to advancing airport screener X-ray threat detection skills
   Gerald D. Gibb, Bill C. Fischer, & Brett R. Cabeca
preview one page Using SWOT and risk analysis in prevention of coal dust emission during its transportation in Tallinn ports
   Piia Tint, Henn Tosso, Karin Reinhold, & Kai Aava


preview one page Adaptive training methodology: skills analysis for the design of a Targeting Pod training programme
   Jelke van der Pal & Machteld van der Vlugt
preview one page Cognitive requirements analysis to derive training models for controlling complex systems
   Dina Burkolter, Annette Kluge, Kerstin Schüler, Jürgen Sauer, & Sandrina Ritzmann
preview one page How should causal knowledge about complex technical systems be trained?
   Anne Klostermann
preview one page Training operators in Micro-World simulations
   Michael H. Roberts, Adam C. Roberts, Peter Nickel, & G. Robert J. Hockey
preview one page Introducing “medarbetarskap” as a concept facilitating work related relationships: theoretical considerations in an airport change process
   Johan Jönsson, Curt R. Johansson, Marcus Arvidsson, Roland Akselsson

preview one page Acknowledgement to reviewers

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