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hcaOn the occasion of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter Annual Meeting in Berlin, Germany, October 2010.Edited byDick de Waard, Nina Gérard, Linda Onnasch, Rebecca Wiczorek, and Dietrich Manzey 

Illustrations by Eva Fabriek 

Dick de Waard, Nina Gérard, Linda Onnasch, Rebecca Wiczorek, and Dietrich Manzey (Eds.) (2011), Human Centred Automation. Maastricht, the Netherlands: Shaker Publishing.
ISBN 978-90-423-0406-2
Paperback, 367 pages, € 36 (paperback) or € 9 (pdf download, not printable), please check prices at the publisher.
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Contents preview one page Preface
   Dick de Waard, Nina Gérard, Linda Onnasch, Rebecca Wiczorek, and Dietrich ManzeyADAPTIVE TECHNOLOGYpreview one page Automatic distance regulation in vehicles -how perceptual psychology can be applied
   Rainer Höger & Marco Wiethof
preview one page A simple model to detect age-related individual differences in steering movements
   Gerhard Rinkenauer & Peter Hofmann
preview one page Predicting driver intent by means of pattern recognition based on gaze behaviour
   Firas Lethaus, Martin R.K. Baumann, Frank Köster, & Karsten Lemmer
preview one page Driver in the loop: manoeuvre based driving as an automation approach
   Julia Niemann, Ina Petermann, & Dietrich Manzey


preview one page Influences of driver visual distraction on unnecessary alarms and driver braking behaviour
   Genya Abe, Makoto Itoh, & Tomohiro Yamamura
preview one page Evaluating Likelihood Alarm Systems as an alternative to Binary Alarm Systems
   Rebecca Wiczorek & Dietrich Manzey
preview one page Violating the driver´s anticipation of threats and the effect of Forward Collision Warnings
   Gerald J. Schmidt & Hans-Peter Krüger
preview one page Intelligent visualization of alarm information
   Tone Grete Graven


preview one page Cues from facial expressions for emotional interfaces
   Tessa-Karina Tews, Michael Oehl, Felix W. Siebert, Helmut Faasch, & Rainer Höger
preview one page Smart driving advice from a smart driving advisor: how Foot-LITE responds to driver mental workload
   Mark S. Young & Stewart A. Birrell
preview one page The effect of complacency potential on human operators´ monitoring behaviour in aviation
   Wiebke Mahlfeld, Catrin Hasse, Dietrich Grasshoff, & Carmen Bruder


preview one page The multi-driver simulator – a new concept of driving simulation for the analysis of interactions between several drivers
   Dominik Mühlbacher, Jutta Zimmer, Florian Fischer, & Hans-Peter Krüger
preview one page Can drivers modulate the effect of a motor priming assistance device during lane departure?
   Mathieu Deroo, Franck Mars, & Jean-Michel Hoc
preview one page Emotional states of drivers and the impact on driving behaviour – a simulator study
   Ernst Roidl, Rainer Höger, & Hans-Rüdiger Pfister
preview one page Prevention of runway incursions in a data-link environment: empirically proven features for a next-generation airport moving map
   Hamilton Gross, Stefanie Huber, Thomas Jürgensohn, & Dietrich Manzey
preview one page Inter-organisational cooperation in major incidents – what do emergency services require for smooth operations?
   Gesine Hofinger, Laura Künzer, Ingrid Knigge, & Robert Zinke


preview one page Usability problems and use errors appraisal in a public transport website
   Saleh Moradi, Naseem Ahmad Pour
preview one page Exploring cultural values in drivers´ behaviour
   Yasmin Mohd Hasni & Gary Burnett
preview one page Applying human factors in the design of future rail systems
   Nora Balfe, Emma Lowe, Gemma Hillier, & Peter Nock
preview one page How to interact with a highly automated vehicle. Generic interaction design schemes and test results of a usability assessment
   Anna Schieben, Gerald Temme, Frank Köster, & Frank Flemisch


preview one page Monitoring behaviour of tower controllers
   Christoph Möhlenbrink, Anne Papenfuß, Maik Friedrich, & Meike Jipp
preview one page Know your options – analysing human decision making in dynamic task environments with state space methods
   Hendrik Oberheid, Andreas Hasselberg, & Dirk Söffker
preview one page Coordinated driving for testing ADAS: a training approach to reduce additional demands while driving
   Ingo Totzke, Frederik Naujoks, Dominik Mühlbacher, & Hans-Peter Krüger
preview one page Applied Cognitive Task Analysis as a tool for analyzing work demands in a C4I environment: a case study using a mid-fidelity simulation
   Anders Brödje, Johannes Prison, Johan Jenvald, & Joakim Dahlman


preview one page The effect of anticipation on mental workload while driving
   Frederik Platten, Maximilian Schwalm, & Josef Krems
preview one page Doubling the task – Effects of task switching during simultaneous control of multiple airports
   Norbert Schneider, Christoph Möhlenbrink, & Andrea Kiesel
preview one page A closed-loop for driver mental state monitoring based on EEG signals
   Shengguang Lei, Jinhao Zhang, & Matthias Roetting

preview one page Acknowledgement to reviewers

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