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On the occasion of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter Annual Meeting in Soesterberg, the Netherlands, October 2008.
Edited by
Dick de Waard, Hans Godthelp, Frank Kooi, and Karel Brookhuis 

Illustrations by Eva Fabriek

Dick de Waard, Hans Godthelp, Frank Kooi, and Karel Brookhuis (Eds.) (2009), Human Factors, Security and Safety. Maastricht, the Netherlands: Shaker Publishing.
ISBN 978-90-423-0373-7
Paperback, 437 pages, € 36 (paperback) or € 9 (pdf download, not printable), please check prices at the publisher.
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Contents preview one page Preface
   Dick de Waard, Hans Godthelp, Frank Kooi, & Karel BrookhuisCRISIS MANAGEMENT

preview one page Multi-agency operations: cooperation during flooding
   Richard McMaster & Chris Baber
preview one page Performance-based measurement of national crisis management
   Marcel van Berlo, Miguette Jadoul, Richelle van Rijk, Sjoerd Wartna, & Mart Kösters
preview one page On the relationship between physical distance, communication style, and team situation awareness Preliminary results and implications for collaborative environments
   Marco Camilli, Sara Coletta, Alessandra Talamo, & Francesco Di Nocera


preview one page Transitional information in simplified mine detection tasks
   Chris Baber & Robert J. Houghton
preview one page Cognitive and personality variables of operators: individual characteristics and process control performance
   Dina Burkolter, Annette Kluge, & Matthias Brand
preview one page The use of simulator training for train drivers in Europe – an overview and new approaches in 2TRAIN
   Christian Maag & Marcus Schmitz
preview one page Evaluating the effectiveness of a human factors training -Focus on situation awareness
   Nicki Marquardt, Swantje Robelski, Gwen Jenkins, & Rainer Höger


preview one page Sound design for auditory guidance in aircraft cockpits
   Bernd-Burkhard Borys
preview one page Barriers and accidents: the flight of information
   Thomas G.C. Griffin, Mark S. Young, & Neville A. Stanton
preview one page PAMELA, a portable solution for workflow support and human factors feedback in the aircraft maintenance environment
   Martine Hakkeling-Mesland & Koen van de Merwe
preview one page Human Factors in the display and use of aeronautic information from different sources and of different status
   Yvonne Barnard


preview one page Is drivers´ situation awareness influenced by a highly automated driving scenario?
   Natasha Merat & A. Hamish Jamson
preview one page Evaluation of a generic warning for multiple intersection assistance systems
   Stephan Thoma, Thomas Lindberg, & Gudrun Klinker
preview one page Enhanced information design for high speed train displays: determining goal set operation under a supervisory automated braking system
   Anjum Naweed, Bob Hockey, & Sam Clarke
preview one page Warning drivers of approaching hazards: the importance of location clues and multi-sensory cues
   Michael G. Lenné & Thomas J. Triggs
preview one page Different alarm timings for a forward collision warning system and their influence on braking behaviour and drivers´ trust in the system
   Genya Abe, Makoto Itoh, & Tomohiro Yamamura
preview one page Human machine interface for a dual mode vehicle
   Amon Rambaldini, Antonella Toffetti, & Claudio Arduino


preview one page Developing a virtual driving environment to test dose related effects of alcohol and drugs on simulated driving performance
   Janet L. Veldstra, Karel A. Brookhuis, & Dick de Waard
preview one page CarUSE – Developing a framework for IVIS evaluation
   Thomas Vöhringer-Kuhnt
preview one page Evaluating the distractive power of secondary tasks while driving
   Claire Petit, Antoine Clarion, Carolina Ramon, & Christian Collet
preview one page Menu interaction in Head-Up Displays
   Natasa Milicic & Thomas Lindberg
preview one page Representation of driver´s mental workload in EEG data
   Shengguang Lei, Sebastian Welke, & Matthias Roetting
preview one page Effects of a driving assistance system on the driver’s functional near-infrared spectroscopy
   Kazuki Yanagisawa, Hitoshi Tsunashima, Yoshitaka Marumo, Makoto Itoh, & Toshiyuki Inagaki
preview one page Go Ahead – I will follow you! Social pull-factors in driving manoeuvres
   Jessica Seidenstücker, Ernst Roidl, & Rainer Höger
preview one page Attitudes of public bus drivers towards technology integration in the dashboard design
   Emine Nazli Özer, Gulsen Töre, & Çigdem Erbug


preview one page Searching for threat: factors determining performance during CCTV monitoring
   Christina J. Howard, Tomasz Troscianko, Iain D. Gilchrist, Ardhendu Behera, & David C. Hogg
preview one page Expertise and strategies in the detection of firearms via CCTV
   Iain Darker, Alastair Gale, Anastasssia Blechko, & Marc Whittle
preview one page Improving Situational Awareness in camera surveillance by combining top-view maps with camera images
   Frank L. Kooi & René Zeeders
preview one page ´Sounds like trouble´
   Peter W.J. van Hengel, M. Huisman, & J.E. Appel
preview one page Detecting deviants within flocks
   Robert J. Houghton & Chris Baber


preview one page Using social network analysis to identify sub-groups in the operating room
   Tita A. Listyowardojo, Christian E.G. Steglich, Stephen Peuchen, & Addie Johnson
preview one page Behavioural adaptation: friend or foe?
   Oliver Carsten
preview one page Spanning attention: what really goes on between perception and action?
   Mark S. Young
preview one page Performance in manual process control– mediation of time pressure and practice effects by the structure of control behaviour
   Stefan Röttger & Dietrich Manzey

preview one page Acknowledgement to reviewers

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