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On the occasion of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter Annual Meeting in Lund, Sweden, October 2003.Edited by

Dick de Waard, Karel Brookhuis, and Clemens Weikert


D. de Waard, K.A. Brookhuis, and C.M. Weikert (Eds.) (2004), Human Factors in Design. Maastricht, the Netherlands: Shaker Publishing.
ISBN 90-423-0249-6
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Contentspreview one page Preface
   Dick de Waard, Karel Brookhuis, and Clemens WeikertModelling

preview one page Principles of Safe Design and Human Factors in Transportation
   Erik Wiersma
preview one page Factors influencing the causation of accidents and incidents
   Yu-Hsing Huang & Mikael Ljung
preview one page Modelling Interaction Behaviour in Driving
   Maura Houtenbos, Marjan Hagenzieker, Peter Wieringa, & Andrew Hale
preview one page Behavioural adaptation in response to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
   Nina Dragutinovic, Karel Brookhuis, & Vincent Marchau
preview one page A simple model of safety culture
   Jan Skriver 

Design and road transport

preview one page Design and implementation of driver drowsiness warning systems
   Karel Brookhuis, Dick de Waard, Claus Marberger, & Evangelos Bekiaris
preview one page User-Centred Design of an on-board information system for automatic vehicles
   Antonella Toffetti, Amon Rambaldini, et al. 
preview one page A “thinking roadsurface”
   Dick de Waard, Karel Brookhuis, Magrita Noordmans, Jeroen Hogema, & Rob Visscher 
preview one page Human factors in the design of travel and traffic information
   Matthijs Dicke, Frans-Luuk Bouwers, Eva Koenders, Roelijn Kok, Rolf van der Veer, & Karel Brookhuis 

Design and Aviation

preview one page Design for comfort
   Eliane Dumur, Yvonne Barnard, & Guy Boy 
preview one page Evaluation of a Radical ATC Interface
   Hugh David & J-M.C. Bastien 
preview one page Flat Panel Display Source Colour Helmet Mounted Display: Human-in-the-loop exploration of the image quality of a prototype
   Harrie Bohnen & Antoine de Reus 


preview one page Physiological indices for the estimation of momentary changes in cognitive workload and mental state
   Piet Hoogeboom & Ben Mulder 
preview one page Individual cardiovascular state changes in a simulated ambulance dispatcher task
   Ben Mulder, Anje Kruizinga, Arjan Stuiver, Ireen Venema, & Piet Hoogeboom 
preview one page Psychophysiological candidates for Biocybernetic control of adaptive automation
   Stephen Fairclough & Louise Venables 


preview one page Supporting the Human Factor design process with Virtual Reality
   Angelia Sebok, Michael Louka, Stein Helgar, & Asgeir Drøivoldsmo 
preview one page Real-Time simulation -When it works and when it doesn’t
   Hugh David 
preview one page Examination of the proximity-compatibility principle in the design of displays in support of fault management
   Bernd Lorenz, Francesco Di Nocera, & Raja Parasuraman 
preview one page Human control of dynamic slow responding systems — effects of action regulation 
   Björn Johansson 
preview one page Interaction with a Driving Simulator: Involvement of Users analysed by Subjective Judgements
   Marcel Uhr, Bryn Williams,& Daniel Felix 


preview one page Design of a university teacher’s professional career
   Ülo Kristjuhan & Erika Taidre 
preview one page Risk assessment of chemicals affecting the central nervous system
   Piia Tint, Karin Reinhold, & Viiu Tuulik 

Ergonomic design: tools and methods

preview one page Contextualised operational documentation in aviation
   Jean-Philippe Ramu, Yvonne Barnard, Françis Payeur, & Patrick Larroque 
preview one page Visualising ergonomic guidelines in product design to increase interest and efficiency
   Mikael Blomé 
preview one page A tool for considering human behaviour within design trade-study constructive simulations: lessons learned from two case study applications
   Edward Martin, Gregory Barbato, & Jeffrey Doyal 
preview one page Ergonomic requirements for job aids -Work documents for operators in chemical process control systems
   Peter Nickel & Friedhelm Nachreiner 
preview one page Design criteria for assessment of vehicle climate systems
   Ingvar Holmér, Kalev Kuklane, & Håkan Nilsson 
preview one page End-user participation in design – an informal approach
   Wendy Morris & John Wilson 
preview one page Drive interaction design: from conceptualisation through prototyping to implementation
   Bernard Champoux, Sriram Subramanian, & Jean-Bernard Martens 
preview one page Visual Complexity in traffic as indicated by image analysis
   Gaetano Bosurgi, Antonino D’Andrea, & Orazio Pellegrino 

Ergonomic design: products

preview one page Design of power tools: results of a field study
   Margarita Vergara 
preview one page Visual experience of qualities in photo-representations of tool handles. Studies with non-professional and professional subjects
   Lena Sperling & Elin Olander 
preview one page Emotional Experience of Frequency Modulated Alarm Sounds: implications for the design of alarm sounds
   Rene Van Egmond 

preview one page Acknowledgement to reviewers

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