Colour images 2 Human Factors in Design

A “thinking road surface”

Dick de Waard, Karel A. Brookhuis, Magrita C. Noordmans, Jeroen H. Hogema, & Rob M. Visscher

Extra to paper in D. de Waard, K.A. Brookhuis, and C.M. Weikert (Eds.) (2004), Human Factors in Design (pp. 83 – 94). Maastricht, the Netherlands: Shaker Publishing.

color image 25-1
Figure 1. Screenshot of the LED lightbar as seen in the driving simulation.

color image 25-2
Figure 2. Denkdek simulated in the driving simulator of the University of Groningen

color image 25-3
Figure 3: Control panel of Denkdek.

color image 25-4
Figure 4: Close up control panel of Denkdek.

color image 25-5
Figure 5: Denkdek implemented on the A9 motorway.

color image 25-6
Figure 6: Denkdek on the A9 motorway.

Denkdek has been removed from the A9 motorway, but there is still a lot of information (including some movies) on