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On the occasion of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter Annual Meeting in Linköping, Sweden, October 2009.
Edited by
Dick de Waard, Arne Axelsson, Martina Berglund, Björn Peters, and Clemens Weikert
Illustrations by Eva Fabriek 

Dick de Waard, Arne Axelsson, Martina Berglund, Björn Peters, and Clemens Weikert (Eds.) (2010), Human Factors: A system view of human, technology and organisation. Maastricht, the Netherlands: Shaker Publishing.
ISBN 978-90-423-0395-9
Paperback, 457 pages, € 36 (paperback) or € 9 (pdf download, not printable), please check prices at the publisher.
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Contentspreview one page Preface
   Dick de Waard, Arne Axelsson, Martina Berglund, Björn Peters, & Clemens Weikertpreview one page In the system view of human factors, who is accountable for failure and success?
   Sidney Dekker


preview one page Simulation of attention steering processes
   Rainer Höger
preview one page Automated driving, secondary task performance and situation awareness
   Natasha Merat, Hamish Jamson, Frank Lai, & Oliver Carsten
preview one page Are false alarms not as bad as supposed after all? A study investigating operators‘ responses to imperfect alarms
   Nina Gérard & Dietrich Manzey
preview one page Adaptive driving support -information about the vehicle‘s lateral position
   Chris Dijksterhuis, Christian Kroiß, & Dick de Waard
preview one page Adaptive Human Vehicle Interface: different types of interaction in a virtual environment
   Maider Larburu, Adrian Martin, Domingo José Rodriguez, & Arkaitz Urquiza
preview one page Designing for the future: a cognitive adaptive Man-Machine-Interface
   Claudia Keinrath, Michael Dorneich, & JirÍ Vasek


preview one page Using AcciMaps to describe the emergence of critical work situations – A systemic approach to analyse automation
   Jonas Andersson
preview one page Graphical visualization of process status for thermal power plants
   Lars-Ola Bligård, Jonas Andersson, Anna Thunberg, & Anna-Lisa Osvalder
preview one page The potential of tactile information for efficient and safe driving
   Kjell Ohlsson
preview one page Implicit Safety Culture assessment – a mental chronometry approach
   Nicki Marquardt, Ricarda Gades, Swantje Robelski, & Rainer Höger
preview one page Patient safety investigation through the lens of FRAM
   Helen Alm & Rogier Woltjer
preview one page Requirements of crisis situations -an action psychology perspective
   Robert Zinke, Gesine Hofinger, & Stefan Strohschneider
preview one page Qualitative and quantitative human error analysis in hazardous industries
   Ricarda Gades, Nicki Marquardt, Swantje Robelski, & Rainer Höger
preview one page Accident modelling: from symptom to system
   John Stoop & Sidney Dekker


preview one page Exploratory design of a highly automated system for entering the expressway
   Julian Schindler, Gerald Temme, Anna Schieben, & Frank Flemisch
preview one page Instrument panel illumination, vehicle lighting and driver errors
   Dan Basacik, Amy Dale, Nick Reed, & Tim Horberry
preview one page Close enough to feel it – the effect of following distance on ratings of risk, task difficulty, effort and comfort
   Ben Lewis-Evans, Dick De Waard, & Karel A. Brookhuis
preview one page Preparing field operational tests for driver support systems: a research-oriented approach
   Oliver Carsten & Yvonne Barnard
preview one page Spotting sheep in Yorkshire: using eye-tracking for studying situation awareness in a driving simulator
   Yvonne Barnard & Frank Lai


preview one page Incident Reporting from an HTO Perspective
   Anna-Karin Rosén & Sara Thor
preview one page Examining shared mental models of Air Traffic Controllers: what do they entail and what is shared?
   Pia Justen, Jelke van der Pal, Fred R.H. Zijlstra, & Robert R. van Doorn
preview one page Eye movement analysis to evaluate ghosting and targeting aids for controller assistance
   Hendrik Oberheid, Bernhard Weber, & Christoph Möhlenbrink
preview one page Identification of performance parameters in complex and dynamic work environments: the example of aerodrome Air Traffic Control
   Nora Wittbrodt & Manfred Thüring
preview one page Transfer of training from simulator to aircraft – the usefulness of embedded training tools
   Per-Anders Oskarsson, Staffan Nählinder, & Peter Berggren
preview one page Applying Work Domain Analysis to study airport collaborative decision making design
   Matthias Groppe, Romano Pagliari, & Donald Harris
preview one page A kinetics model of decision making and its application to an airplane accident
   Tetsuo Iijima


preview one page The relations between acceptance and accessibility
   Hans Persson & Kjell Ohlsson
preview one page Semi-autonomous Advanced Parking Assist – a source of drivers‘ distraction?
   Ingo Totzke, Dominik Mühlbacher, & Hans-Peter Krüger
preview one page Human Factors in nuclear safety engineering – Developing a company specific process to apply a system view of human, technology and organization
   Aino Obenius Mowitz, Lena Kecklund, Annika Ovegård, & Ulrika Larson
preview one page Impact of voice variation in speech-based in-vehicle systems on attitude and driving behaviour
   Ing-Marie Jonsson & Nils Dahlbäck
preview one page A framework to describe and categorise a complex human-machine system
   Anna-Lisa Osvalder, Lars-Ola Bligård, Jonas Andersson, & Anna Thunberg


preview one page The impact of working memory load on psychophysiological measures of mental effort and motivational disposition
   Katie Ewing & Stephen Fairclough
preview one page Automated detection of bluffing in a game: revealing a complex covert user state with a passive BCI
   Jessika Reissland & Thorsten O. Zander
preview one page Struggle against sleepiness – estimation of Driver State
   Shinji Miyake, Shimpei Yamada, Toshiyuki Shimizu, Masayuki Kaneda, Souichirou Mori, & Takashi Sunda

preview one page Acknowledgement to reviewers

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