Human Factors: a view from an integrative perspective

On the occasion of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter Annual Meeting in Toulouse, France, October 2012.

Edited by
Dick de Waard, Karel Brookhuis, Frédéric Dehais, Clemens Weikert, Stefan Röttger, Dietrich Manzey, Sonja Biede, Florence Reuzeau, and Patrice Terrier (Eds.)


De Waard, D., Brookhuis, K., Dehais, F., Weikert, C., Röttger, S., Manzey, D., Biede, S., Reuzeau, F., and Terrier, P. (Eds.) (2012), Human Factors: a view from an integrative perspective. Available as download, open access. ISBN 978-0-945289-44-9


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The ETTO principle as ETTOing – or Occam´s Razor redux
   Erik Hollnagel


Automated Augmented Reality Operator Aids for Space Robotic Teleoperations
   Keshav Chintamani, R. Darin Ellis, Chin-An Tan, & Abhilash Pandya
Does higher security always result in better protection? An approach for mitigating the trade-off between usability and security
   Caroline Merkel & Rebecca Wiczorek
Designing Human-Automation Interaction: a new level of Automation Taxonomy 
   Luca Save & Beatrice Feuerberg

NEUROERGONOMICS-PIE (Psychophysiology in Ergonomics)

Anticipating human error before it happens: Towards a psychophysiological model for online prediction of mental workload
   Jean-François Gagnon, Gautier Durantin, François Vachon, Mickaël Causse, Sébastien Tremblay, & Frédéric Dehais
Cognitive load measurement while driving
   Catherine Gabaude, Bruno Baracat, Christophe Jallais, Marion Bonniaud, & Alexandra Fort
Evaluation of an Approach Stabilization Advisory system in a B737 full flight simulator
   Frédéric Dehais, Fabrice Cauchard, Frank Rister, Yujia Cao, Ivan Lacko, Frantisek Mikulu, Felix Helmke, & Jan-Patrick Osterloh
Electrophysiological correlates of inattentional deafness: no hearing without listening
   Louise Giraudet, Saint-Louis, M-E, & Causse, M.


Effect generated by the use of a new all-electronic Air Traffic Control position on the level of mental workload
   Caroline Martin & Julien Cegarra
An analysis of a ground traffic control decision support system based on the 3-step principle of heuristic decision making
   Christoph Moehlenbrink, Peer Manske, & Alex Kirlik
Ocular metrics for detecting attentional tunnelling regis
   Nicolas Regis, Frederic Dehais, Catherine Tessier, & Jean-Francois Gagnon
Eye-tracking parameters as a predictor of human performance in the detection of automation failures
   Catrin Hasse, Dietrich Grasshoff, & Carmen Bruder
Integration of a helmet-mounted display for helicopter operations in degraded visual environment: a human factors perspective
   Patrizia M. Knabl, Hans-Ullrich Doehler, Sven Schmerwitz, & Marcus Biella
Anticipation in aeronautics: exploring pathways toward a contextualized aggregative model based on existing concepts
   Sami Lini, Christophe Bey, Sylvain Hourlier, Bruno Vallespir, & Pierre-Alexandre Favier
Feasibility study on operationability of a remote pilot station for multiple PATS control: a Human Factors simulation experiment
   Henk van Dijk & Robbert Ouwerkerk
A new method to assess pilots´ allocation of visual attention using a head-up display
   Axel Hillebrand, Eva Wahrenberg, & Dietrich Manzey
Time as a safety critical system integrator for flight control recovery in aviation
   John A. Stoop
Human System Interactions in the Design of an Interplanetary Mission
   Jean-Marc Salotti & Bernard Claverie


Intuition comes with experience
   Stefan Brandenburg & Katharina Sachse
Perceptual momentum for design of multimodal displays
   Patrik Lif, Peter Svenmarck, & Per-Anders Oskarsson
Performance comparison of different training methods for industrial operators
   Salman Nazir, Alberto Gallace, Monica Bordegoni, Simone Colombo, & Davide Manca
Cognition and piloting performance: offline and online measurements
   Mickaël Causse, Nadine Matton, & Natalia Del Campo
Just talk – An experimental task for investigation of team situation awareness
   Anne Papenfuss & Bernhard Weber
Safety Management Systems, Safety Culture and Resilience engineering: Comparison of Concepts
   Lars Adolph, Bettina Lafrenz, & Britta Grauel


Learning lessons in resilient traffic management: A cross-domain study of Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) and Air Traffic Control (ATC)
   Gesa Praetorius, Fulko van Westrenen, Deborah Louise Rushton, & Erik Hollnagel
Silver People. Assisting older drivers with entering the motorway
   Chris Dijksterhuis, Janet Veldstra, Dick de Waard, & Sjef Moerdijk
Investigation of Cooperative Driving Behaviour during Lane Change in a Multi-Driver Simulation Environment
   Matthias Heesen, Martin Baumann, Johann Kelsch, Daniel Nause, & Max Friedrich
Exploring mobile phone usage and its context with naturalistic driving observations
   Véronique Huth, Valérie Lancelle, Cécilia Gabel, Arnaud Bonnard, & Corinne Brusque
Agricultural Tractor Cabin Evaluation from users´ perspective
   Ester Ferrari & E. Cavallo
Ambient information presentation: Effect of moving transverse lines on speed behaviour
   Enrico Maier, Jeronimo Dzaack, & Matthias Rötting
Influence of basic environmental characteristics on driving speed
   Mathis Lauckner & Stefan Brandenburg
Analysis of intersection accidents – An accident causation and prevention perspective
   Julia Werneke & Mark Vollrath
Electric Vehicle Development and Validation of the TRL Simulator
   Ryan Robbins, Nick Reed, Neale Kinnear, Jenny Stannard, & Bob Smith