PDF of posters presented in Berlin

Franziska Babel, Investigating driver preferences for automation usage in different driving scenarios

Nuphar Katzman, A Tactile Interface for Identification of Hazardous Situations During Operational Movement

Maria Wirzberger, Influences of system response delay on elderly participants’ performance in a virtual memory training

Markus Gödker, Supporting user interaction with the range of electric buses in local public transport

Adrian Brietzke, Motion sickness in cars: a holistic approach of a design pattern for constructing in-car motion sickness studies

Nikolai Pärsch, Measuring cognitive load with a low-budget Arduino device

Jonas Imbsweiler, Expectations of automatic vehicle guidance in cooperative situation: Modelling with Naturalistic Decision Making

Christoph Bernhard, Positioning of side-view cameras on passenger vehicles to aid rearward perception

Michael Weng, Evaluation of biologically effective light in the vehicle interior

Candida Castro, Prediction of recidivism to understand and prevent aberrant driving behaviours

Patrick Roßner, Drive me naturally: Design and evaluation of trajectories for highly automated driving manoeuvres on rural roads

Synnöve Hochstein, How to achieve applicable user responses? -The design of feedback dialogues in the context of usability engineering

Katharina Simon, To change or not to change –that is the question: Detecting lane change signals for anticipatory highly automated driving

Niels Brandenburger, From in- cabin driving to remote interventions – Train driver tasks change with railway automation

Vivien Moll, Inaccuracies in energy efficiency perception based on instantaneous consumption displays – Implications for interface design

Katrin Linstedt, Problem Solving in the Human-Machine-Interaction: Rethinking the Role of Spatial Working Memory

Simon Thuillard, Receiving negative feedback does not impair future performance

Alexandros Rouchitsas, Expectation of Social Interaction with a Virtual Agent based on Mutual Gaze Duration