Posters 2015

Posters at 2015 conference, “Human Factors & User Experience in everyday life, medicine, and work”

Anselm Fuermaier, Driving difficulties of adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Anthony Vacher, A case study to compare the advantages and limits of two accident analysis methods

R.O. Walton, Difference in General Aviation accidents involving Male and Female Pilots

Willy Siegel, Design to enhance resilience of (rail-)control rooms

Andrew Spink, DriveLab — A new way to measure driver behaviour in a virtual environment

Bart Jelijs, How people with low vision cycle safely

Sanna Lohilahti Bladfält, Field study investigating first time interaction with four automatic gear shifter concepts and their impact on safety

Phillip Tretten, The development of an aircraft maintenance technician headset

Frank Steyvers, Does shared space lead to more communication in cyclists?

Stefan Röttger, What bridge teams do – an exhaustive coding manual for the assessment of team interactions in seafaring

Alan Grincell, An investigation into ATMs

Andreas Sonderegger, AniSAM & AniAvatar – Animated visualizations of affective states

Sean A. McGlynn, Understanding the Potential of PARO as a Stress Reduction Tool for Older Adults

Helene Cymek, Gaze Interaction Based on Smooth Pursuit Eye Movements

Daisuke Takeda, Study of the effects of the level of detail in safety rule descriptions on a psychological process of safety behaviours

Isabel Neumann, Eco-Pedaling – Examining a highly automated eco-assistance system for pedelecs from a user perspective

Claudia Dias Ollay, Organizational stress and its impact on the health of workers from a higher education institution

Anna Michel, The simplification of bus stops to increase mobility of people with cognitive disability

Miguel Lourenço, Association of Objective and Subjective Measures in Usability Evaluation of a Standard PC Mouse