Shower controls

This shower has a square-shaped faucet. This is partly for design, and partly because there are four settings to the shower: off, bath-fill, hand-held shower, overhead shower. However…there are no icons or labels to remind the user which setting they are turning on! In addition, the faucet turns both ways, so there is double the amount of options for the user.


To turn on the bath-fill, you turn it one turn to the right. To turn on the overhead, you turn it one turn to the left. To turn on the hand-held, you turn it two turns to the right or left. If you are already on the bath-fill option, and want to change to the hand-help, you turn it one turn….uh…left…or is it right…I’ve forgotten already!

shower2 shower3 shower4

Another fun trick is that the hand-held shower, when in its holder, is positioned such that it shoots water across the entire bathroom. So you must not turn to this setting by accident! You can imagine how much time I spent mopping the bathroom floor at this place…

Submitted by Jennifer