Example 7

Coffee Machine

This machine was installed in our department. No longer can we order a simple cup of coffee, the machine has to know lots of things such as what type of coffee (espresso, cappuccino, etcetera), whether we want milk or sugar, and how much. The first time you try it, you simply follow the instructions on the menu. At the end the machine gives a “quick-selection number”, which you can enter the next time for the same cup of coffee. This is supposed to simplify things, but… suppose you want a simple coffee. Below is shown what buttons have to be pressed when using the menu versus using the quick selection menu.

bad7 (1)
Start menu, the pushbuttons are (partly visible on the photo) arranged around the screen.

Via Menu:

bad7 (2)

  • Button 1: Koffie (Coffee)
    (left of the screen)
    bad7a (1)
  • Button 2: Start
    (below the screen)
    bad7b (1)
  • Coffee is made
    the display shows quick selection number (177)

Via “quick” selection


  • Button 1: Snelkeuze (Quick selection)
    (below the screen)
  • Buttons 2, 3 and 4: enter code: 1, 7, 7
    (around the screen)
  • Button 5: Start
    (below the screen)
  • display shows coffee is made

Not only do you need to push more buttons when using the quick selection menu (in particular if you want a straight cup of coffee), you also have to remember the code…

submitted by Mark Dekker

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