Example 6

 Coffee Maker

Coffee maker

I bought this coffee maker and used the index on the coffee-pot (left hand picture below) to put water for four cups in the machine. When I put the water in the machine I noticed that the index in the container (right hand picture) differed from the index on the pot. I did not put in enough water, so had to add a bit. When I checked the manual it turned out that the two indexes were intentionally different, and that I should have used the index in the container as during the process of coffee making always some of the water evaporates and some of it remains in the filter.

Although it is obvious that there is a difference between “how much you put in and how much you get out” the device that is used to measure the number of cups of coffee you want to make, is the pot, and not the container (I don’t think anyone fills the container directly from the tap). So, in my view, the indication on the pot should be how many cups you make, and that there will be less in the pot after making the coffee is not so important.
By the way, I think this is the same device (fortunately I don’t have a cleaning lady!!!).

bad6a bad6b
Coffee-pot Water container

submitted by Dick de Waard

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