Example 34

Track ball

To operate a laptop at a conference the track ball below was installed


In reviews in general these devices are described in positive terms, such as “Fits the hand well, though takes a little getting used to”. That actually is my point. When standing in front of an audience you don’t have the time to get used to a device! It started with putting my presentation on hard disk. I put the track ball on the table, something you should not do as then you try to operate it as mouse, e.g. double click left. And the buttons are reversed, the big one (ah, that is good of course) is the ‘normal’ left button. The idea is that you hold it in your hand and operate it with your thumb. I imagine that that could work, although I’m not sure how easy it is to hold the right button while moving the ball. I am not sure either how non-hand held trackballs (see below) operate, whether their buttons are reversed too. Anyway, either you hate or love it, but as transfer from mouse to trackball does not match it is not an ideal tool for presentations!!


Submitted by Dick de Waard

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