Example 33


This is my part of my vacuum cleaner. There are two symbols next to a pedal that operates a brush; and I always have to think hard how to put it.

 bad33a    bad33h

To be honest, I always thought that a brush was indicated as lower symbol, and I expected the brush to work like most knobs, pedals and switches do, switch on ‘off’ is off, on ‘on’ is on, like:

 bad33f   bad33g

However, when the control is on the ‘brush’-symbol, the brush is in and the other way around;

bad33a (1)  bad33b  bad33c    bad33i  bad33d  bad33e

Actually, now I think what is depicted is not the brush, but the floor, i.e. a carpet (‘brush-symbol’) or a level (e.g., wooden) floor (rectangle).

 bad33m  bad33l
If the floor is depicted, I’d expect the carpet to be displayed the other way around, like bad33k and not bad33j. Confusing.

Submitted by Dick de Waard

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