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Education, Research and Application in the 21st century
On the occasion of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter Annual Meeting in Maastricht, The Netherlands, November 2000.

Edited by
Dick de Waard, Clemens Weikert, Jettie Hoonhout, & Jan Ramaekers


De Waard, D., Weikert, C., Hoonhout, J., and Ramaekers, J. (Eds.). (2000). Human-System Interaction. Education, Research and Application in the 21st Century. Maastricht, The Netherlands: Shaker Publishing.
ISBN 90-423-0126-0
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preview one page Preface
   Dick de Waard, Clemens Weikert, Jettie Hoonhout, and Jan Ramaekers

preview one page Theory and Practice in Design of Electronic Commerce
    Martin G. Helander
preview one page 3D User Interface for Internet Search Systems
    Michael Kossoy and Natasha Souetova
preview one page Ergonomic Issues of Data Visualisation with Semi-Immersive Virtual Environment (VE) Systems
    Thomas Alexander
preview one page Virtual Reality applied to Technical Vision
    Harald Gatermann, Bert Grollmann, Klaus-Peter Holzhausen, and Jens Mohr
preview one page Tabula Rasa- towards a personalised human-computer interface
    Anthony Bijnen
preview one page Design and installation of a driving simulator in a hospital environment
    Matthew Rizzo, Daniel V. McGehee, and Julie Jermeland
preview one page Simulation in psychology-A sketch of a future digital workplace environment
    Karel A. Brookhuis, Jaap Bos, Ben Mulder, and Hans Veldman

preview one page Human factors education: Lecturing solutions or problem-based learning? 
    Henriëtte C.M. Hoonhout and Henk G. Schmidt
preview one page Experience with problem-based learning in ergonomics and safety education in Estonia
    Virve Siirak
preview one page Computer-based learning in Occupational Safety and Health and health problems with computer use
    Piia Tint and Virve Siirak
preview one page Vocational Training via Video-Conference in Corporate Settings
    Antonius Schröder
preview one page Impact of interactive video training on passing the theoretical driving test among learner drivers with reading problems
    Birger Nygaard and Benny Nielsen
preview one page The “6-E conception”-the new standard of modern engineering education
    T.A. Boyko, U.G. Lega, V.M. Sharapov V.M., and E.A. Boyko
preview one page  “Diagnose-KIT” – a computer-based training to improve transfer using constructivist instructional design
    Niclas Schaper, Thomas Zink, Harriet Spenke, and Karlheinz Sonntag

preview one page Workload, fatigue and job satisfaction in repetitive blue-collar work
    Wendy Macdonald
preview one page Preferred use of endoscopic techniques and visuomotor laterality
    Birgit E. Arnold-Schulz-Gahmen, Jürgen Sökeland, Walter H. Ehrenstein, Anke Siefer, and Alwin Luttmann
preview one page Incidence rates of lateral preference in various groups of professional activity
    Birgit E. Arnold-Schulz-Gahmen, Anke Siefer, and Walter H. Ehrenstein
preview one page Experimental simulation in organisational design:Developing a mobile joint command and control concept
    Jonas Wikman

preview one page Challenges for Aviation Psychology
    Eric Farmer
preview one page Total energy concept display
    P.N.P. Coelho, M.M. van Paassen, M. Mulder, and J.A. Mulder
preview one page Made for work in space. Evaluation of Human Factors in Cupola – a module of the International Space Station
    T. Dukic, J. Frid, M. Törner, and C. Wartenberg
preview one page Optimisation of information presentation on multifunction displays
    Gregory Francis and Clarence E. Rash
preview one page Integration of multiple independent alerting systems
    P.N.R. Pedroso, M. Mulder, M.M. van Paassen, and M. Mulder
preview one page Measures of stress/strain on controllers
    Hugh David
preview one page Stress on the spinal column in military trainee pilots
    Luciene Conte Kube
preview one page Human Factors of the Cockpit Display of Traffic Information
    R. Winterberg, M.M. van Paassen, M. Mulder, and J.A. Mulder

preview one page Team Training: challenges and emerging solutions
    Johan Riemersma
preview one page Learning from Mistakes (and Repeating Them) 
    Addie Johnson, Linda Bron, Pieter Brussee, Irene de Goede, and Stefan Hoogland
preview one page Towards “Basic Ergonomics” – Competence? 
    Neil Thomas
preview one page Anticipatory dynamic vision and human factors
    Walter H. Ehrenstein

preview one page The Effect of Text Topologies on Older Users’ Performance in Hypertext Navigation
    Dyi-Yih Michael Lin
preview one page Need for assistance of visually and physically disabled and non-disabled persons when using cash dispensers
    Marita Enge and Sonja Massow
preview one page Getting the best out of your organisation’s “intelligent assets” How a self-assessment tool on Ergonomics & Human Factors can empower people
    Harmen Kragt & Roel Janssen

preview one page Assessing driver abilities for driving safety and driver assistance
    Stanley Oliver, Guangyan Li, and Diane Westwood
preview one page The effects of electronic map complexity and orientation on driver response time and error rate for road identification
    Guangyan Li and Stan Oliver
preview one page Infrared imaging technology in the automotive context: effects on driver behaviour
    Philip Barham and Luisa Andreone
preview one page Comprehension of alternative road signs
    Frank J.J.M. Steyvers

preview one page Capability prediction: effective anticipation support in ship control
    Leo van Breda
preview one page Towards better understanding of ergonomics through risk assessment
    Hilja Taal
preview one page Initial evaluation of a RADICAL ATC interface
    Hugh David
preview one page General approach to man-machine system design: ergonomic and technical specification of actions
    A.Skaf, B. David, B. Descotes-Genon, and Z.Binder
preview one page Recovery from failures – understanding the positive role of human operators during incidents
    Lisette Kanse and Tjerk van der Schaaf

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