Varieties of interaction: from User Experience to Neuroergonomics

On the occasion of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter Annual Meeting in Rome, Italy 2017.

Edited by
Dick de Waard, Francesco Di Nocera, Denis Coelho, Judy Edworthy, Karel Brookhuis, Fabio Ferlazzo, Thomas Franke, and Antonella Toffetti

D. de Waard, F. Di Nocera, D. Coelho, J. Edworthy, K. Brookhuis, F. Ferlazzo, T. Franke, and A. Toffetti (Eds.) (2018).  Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter 2017 Annual Conference. ISSN 2333-4959 (online). Available from

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Automated driving: subjective assessment of different strategies to manage drowsiness
Veronika Weinbeer, Julian-Sebastian Bill, Christoph Baur, & Klaus Bengler

Eye movements and verbal communication as indicators for the detection of system failures in a control room task
Carmen Bruder, Carolina Barzantny, & Dirk Schulze Kissing

A method to improve driver’s situation awareness in automated driving
Yucheng Yang, Martin Götze, Annika Laqua, Giancarlo Caccia Dominioni, Kyosuke Kawabe, & Klaus Bengler


Persuasive assistance for safe behaviour in human-robot collaboration
Matthias Hartwig, Vanessa Budde, Alissa Platte, & Sascha Wischniewski

Comparing the effects of space flight and water immersion on sensorimotor performance
Bernhard Weber, Simon Schätzle, & Cornelia Riecke

Analysis of potentials of an HMI-concept concerning conditional automated driving for system-inexperienced vs. system-experienced users
Kassandra Bauerfeind, Amelie Stephan, Franziska Hartwich, Ina Othersen, Sebastian Hinzmann, & Lennart Bendewald

Canary in an operating room: integrated operating room music
Alistair MacDonald & Joseph Schlesinger


Relevant eye-tracking parameters within short cooperative traffic scenarios
Jonas Imbsweiler, Elena Wolf, Katrin Linstedt, Johanna Hess, & Barbara Deml

Modelling driver styles based on driving data
Peter Mörtl, Andreas Festl, Peter Wimmer, Christian Kaiser, & Alexander Stocker

Graded auditory feedback based on headway: an on-road pilot study
Pavlo Bazilinskyy, Jork Stapel, Coert de Koning, Hidde Lingmont, Tjebbe de Lint, Twan van der Sijs, Florian van den Ouden, Frank Anema, & Joost de Winter


User performance for vehicle recognition in three-dimensional point clouds
Patrik Lif, Fredrik Bissmarck, Gustav Tolt, & Per Jonsson 

Impulsivity modulates pilot decision making under uncertainty
Julia Behrend, Frédéric Dehais, & Etienne Koechlin

Innovative cockpit touch screen HMI design using Direct Manipulation
Marieke Suijkerbuijk, Wilfred Rouwhorst, Ronald Verhoeven, & Roy Arents


Assessment of stress sources and moderators among analysts in a cyber-attack simulation context
Stéphane Deline, Laurent Guillet, Clément Guérin, & Philippe Rauffet

Potential of wearable devices for mental workload detection in different physiological activity conditions
Franziska Schmalfuß, Sebastian Mach, Kim Klüber, Bettina Habelt, Matthias Beggiato, André Körner, & Josef F. Krems

Ocular-based automatic summarization of documents: is re-reading informative about the importance of a sentence?
Orlando Ricciardi, Giovanni Serra, Federica De Falco, Piero Maggi, & Francesco Di Nocera

If Nostradamus were an Ergonomist: a review of ergonomics methods for their ability to predict accidents
Eryn Grant, Paul M. Salmon, & Nicholas J. Stevens