Proceedings Conference Liverpool 2023

Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter Annual Meeting in Liverpool, UK, 2023.

Edited by Dick de Waard, Vera Hagemann, Linda Onnasch, Antonella Toffetti, Denis Coelho, Assaf Botzer, Marco de Angelis, Karel Brookhuis, and Stephen Fairclough

D. de Waard, V. Hagemann, L. Onnasch, A. Toffetti, D. Coelho, A. Botzer, M. de Angelis, K. Brookhuis, and S. Fairclough (2023). Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter 2023 Annual Conference. ISSN 2333-4959 (online). Available from

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Implicit communication on the motorway slip road: a driving simulator study
Sofie Ehrhardt, Raphael Roß, & Barbara Deml

Effects of modified leg mechanics on cognitive performance and workload during dual-task walking
Norman Riedel, Michael Herzog, Thorsten Stein, & Barbara Deml

What would you expect? Insights from a customer journey analysis of passenger drone flights
Patricia B. Appel, Henrike Böck, & Andreas Riener

Assessing physical demands using wearable smartwatches among male precast concrete construction workers
Oscar Arias, James Groehler, Mike Wolff, & Sang D. Choi

Comparing accepted gaps in traffic flow for conducting left turn actions in different intersection scenarios – A driving simulator study
Ann-Christin Hensch, Matthias Beggiato, & Josef F. Krems

Promoting sustainable mobility by behaviour-based design: A pilot study
Giorgia Tempestini & Francesco Di Nocera

Assessment of a hybrid cursor control device for highly dynamic cockpit environments
Engelbert Hartmann

Conceptualisation and evaluation of adaptive driver tutoring for conditional driving automation
Nikolai Ebinger, Sandra Trösterer, Norah Neuhuber, & Peter Mörtl

Sound and vision: how can auditory displays support supervision of automated driving?
Canmanie T. Ponnambalam, Rins de Zwart, & Reinier J. Jansen

A new experimental method to investigate multitasking strategies in flight environments via the use of gamification
Sophie-Marie Stasch & Wolfgang Mack

Towards user friendly autonomous on-demand mobility: insights from a Wizard of Oz pretest
Fabian Schlichtherle, Sven Hornburg, Mario Rieker, & Wolfram Remlinger

Comparing participants’ risk perception and sensed presence while driving in CARLA and a self-developed remote driving testbed
Quang Son Le, Avinoam Borowsky, Shai Arogeti, & Yisrael Parmet

HMI design for a stress and time critical paediatric emergency scenario: PediAppRREST
Maria Giulia Losi, Buse Tezçi, Francesco Tesauri, & Francesco Corazza, & Silvia Bressan