Human Factors: sustainable life and mobility

On the occasion of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter Annual Meeting in Torino, Italy, October 2013.

Edited by
Dick de Waard, Karel Brookhuis, Rebecca Wiczorek, Francesco di Nocera, Rino Brouwer, Philip Barham, Clemens Weikert, Annette Kluge, Walter Gerbino, and Antonella Toffetti (Eds.)

De Waard, D., Brookhuis, K., Wiczorek, R., Di Nocera, F., Barham, P., Weikert, C., Kluge, A., Gerbino, W., and Toffetti, A., (Eds.) (2014), Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter 2013 Annual Conference. Available as download, open access. ISSN 2333-4959 (online).

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Human Machine Interaction
The touch appeal: Why touching things is so popular in Human-Computer Interaction
Brandenburg & Backhaus
Transitional Journey Maps: Capturing the dynamics of operational policing
Jansen, Van Egmond, De Ridder, & Silvester
Usage of a Driving Simulator in the Design Process of new HMI concepts for eco-driving Applications (eCoMove project)
García, Blanco, Nogueira, & Rial
Shifting from manual to automatic gear when growing old: good advice? Results from a driving simulator study
Piersma & de Waard
Domain independent visual attention assessment in stereoscopic displays
Michalczik , Thüring, & Hillebrand
The assessment of a new cockpit colour concept using the Occlusion Method
Götze, Conti, Keinath, Said, & Bengler
Cognition and Automation

Measuring skill decay in process control – results from four experiments with a simulated process control task
Kluge, Frank, & Miebach
An Experimental Study on the Effect of Group Interaction on Creativity – Ideation novelty
Coelho & Vieira
The Effect of Task Set Instruction on Detection Response Task Performance
Conti, Dlugosch, & Bengler
Smart Mobility and Traffic

Visual search strategies of child-pedestrians in road crossing tasks
Tapiro, Meir, Parmet, & Oron-Gilad
Traffic Light Assistant – Can take my eyes off of you
Krause, Knott, & Bengler
A model for an innovative Lane Change Assistant HMI
Pinotti, Tango, Losi, & Beltrami
Debiasing time saving judgements by manipulation of speed display
Eriksson, Svenson, & Eriksson

PIE (Psychophysiology in Ergonomics)

Use of a multidimensional approach in the automotive product development: Quality of turn indicator sounds
Wagner & Kallus
Keep calm and don´t move a muscle: Motor restlessness as an indicator of mental workload
Di Nocera, Proietti Colonna, Capobianco, Dessì, Mastrangelo, & Steinhage

Surface Transportation

Timing of in-vehicle advisory warnings based on cooperative perception
Naujoks & Neukum
Drivers´ hand positions on the steering wheel while using Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and driving without the system
Bianchi Piccinini, Prati, Pietrantoni, Manzini, Rodrigues, & Leitão
Ship voyage plan coordination in the MONALISA project: user tests of a prototype ship traffic management system
Porathe, de Vries, & Prison


Prevention of physiological and psychological stress at computer-equipped workplaces
Tint, Meigas, Tuulik, Pille, Oha, Reinhold, Karai, Tuulik, & Lauri
Stress and strain in mobile IT-supported work: an empirical study in the area of mobile services involving smartphones, notebooks and similar devices
Can Immersive Virtual Environments make the difference in training industrial operators?
Nazir, Kluge, & Manca
Strain caused by Head Mounted Displays
Wille, Grauel, & Adolph


Wearable crew support technology on the International Space Station: the mobile Procedure Viewer (mobiPV)
Chintamani, Van Lierde, Maloney, Kiernan, Oliveira, & Wolff
Exceptional performing screener project: methods and findings from the field study
Gibb, Gibb, Barrientos, Flint, Hale, & Wilson
VOD-CA – Assisting Human Flight Performance and Situation Awareness in Lateral Deconflicting
Manske, Meysel, & Boos
Teamwork: collaborative activities of French fighter pilots in joint operations

Design and Infrastructure

The Intermodal Bike: Multi-modal integration of cycling mobility through product and process innovations in bicycle design
Tosi, Rinaldi, & Belli
User requirements for supporting the accessible design process: Survey & user test results in the framework of VERITAS project
Guidotti, Calefato, Landini, Minin, Catani, & Milani
Infrastructure redesign to improve vulnerable road users´ safety
Callari, Tirello, Occelli, & Re
“Full monty” or low-key: two traffic management approaches and their effect on change perception
Harms & Brookhuis

User Experience

Driving an EV with no opportunity to charge at home – is this acceptable?
Bühler, Franke, Cocron, Schleinitz, Neumann, Ischebeck, & Krems
ASSISTANT – Creating a Smartphone App to assist older people when travelling
“ecoDriver” HMI feedback solutions
Toffetti, Iviglia, Arduino, & Soldati
Active Multisensory Perception tool: BUS experience and action comfort
Gerbino, Fantoni, Nicolini, Volcic, & Domini