Example 67

Battery temperature?

Recently I bought another car in order to anticipate on the 66% addition to my family. The result is a 300% increase in meters and pointers on my dashboard compared to my old (and very loved) car. During driving I keep wondering which pointer displays the water temperature and which pointer indicates the state of my batteries. The battery pictogram is located between both pointers. As a result, it is not obvious which pointer is for the battery. The pictogram of the water temperature is also located between both meters. Although I assumed that water temperature was left and battery state was right I never was sure during driving. I made a picture of my dashboard to show you what I am complaining about. Behind my desk with more attention to the dashboard than during driving I realise that the left meter has a scale between cold (blue) and red (warm), so that should be the water temperature. A better solution is to locate the battery pictogram to the right side of the pointer or to locate it below the scale of the meter. I wonder if there is anyone who immediately recognizes what car I drive (without owning this car).


submitted by Matthijs Dicke-Ogenia

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