Example 40

Driving Theory test

This is a question from a driving theory internet page. Most of the questions are quite good, but this is an exception. In the real test there is a count down clock ticking down from 15 seconds.


Even though a helicopter view is not the usual perspective from which we judge a situation, the real problem lies in the use of colours. You must indicate the order of priority by colours, in two cases the colour of the car and arrow are the same, one car is white while it is referred to by the colour of the arrow, blue. If all this is too much for you, as it was for me, in the end an explanation is given;


Translated: What is the correct order of priority?
B On this junction (signed crossroads) traffic coming from the right has right of way. The blue (!!) car is the only car that does not encounter traffic approaching from the right.

Submitted by Dick de Waard

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