Example 1

Press “go” to “stop”

This example is taken from a European project called SAVE. Imagine that you drive a car that can take over control in case of an emergency (e.g. a cardiac arrest). To be sure, the system asks whether it should take over control, but it does so in a complex way.


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Apart from being hardly audible, the text is difficult to understand. Literally the metal voice says:
It is supposed that you have severe problems to drive. If you do not want an activation of the autopilot, press the Confirm-button.
Naturally a “cancel” button should have been used, because that is what happens if the button is pressed: the action is cancelled. Actually, I must say that the SAVE project is not bad at all (I worked on it, so how can I say bad things about it), but errors are made everywhere. I also believe that in the end this text was changed. But this was of course long ago….

submitted by Dick de Waard

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