Enhancing Safety Critical Performance

On the occasion of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter Annual Meeting in Torino, Italy, 2022.

Edited by Dick de Waard, Stephen Fairclough, Karel Brookhuis, Dietrich Manzey, Linda Onnasch, Anna Naumann, Rebecca Wiczorek, Francesco Di Nocera, Stefan Röttger, and Antonella Toffetti

D. de Waard, S.H. Fairclough, K.A. Brookhuis, D. Manzey, L. Onnasch, A. Naumann, R. Wiczorek, F. Di Nocera, S. Röttger, and A. Toffetti (Eds.) (2022). Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter 2022 Annual Conference. ISSN 2333-4959 (online). Available from http://hfes-europe.org


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How am I supposed to know? Conceptualization and first evaluation of a driver tutoring system for automated driving.
Norah Neuhuber, Nikolai Ebinger, Paolo Pretto, & Bettina Kubicek

The influence of vestibular feedback on transitions between different levels of automation
Pia Wald, Laura Hiendl, Martin Albert, & Klaus Bengler

Manoeuvre design in automated driving: investigation of on-ramp situations under the variation of safety distances and traffic flow
Konstantin Felbel, Andre Dettmann, Adelina Heinz, & Angelika C. Bullinger

User experience of a self-driving minibus – reflecting vision, state and development needs of automated driving in public transport
Annika Dreßler & Emma Höfer

How media reports influence drivers’ perception of safety and trust in automated vehicles in urban traffic
Mirjam Lanzer & Martin Baumann

I also care in manual driving – Influence of type, position and quantity of oncoming vehicles on manual driving behaviour in curves on rural roads
Patrick Roßner, Marty Friedrich, & Angelika C. Bullinger

Sleeping during highly automated driving – target groups and relevant use cases of an in-car sleeping function
Markus Tomzig & Christina Kaß


Do you bike virtually safe? An explorative VR study assessing the safety of bicycle infrastructure
Marc Schwarzkopf, André Dettmann, Jonas Trezl, & Angelika C. Bullinger


Non-technical skills in firefighting – development, implementation, and evaluation of a team training for enhancing safety critical performance
Lena Heinemann, Fabienne Aust, Maik Holtz, Corinna Peifer, & Vera Hagemann


Pilot’s representation of dynamic situation in aviation, toward a visuospatial anticipation span
Marianne Jarry, Colin Blättler, & Vincent Ferrari


Critical decision making with a highly automated UAV – a case study
Nicolas Maille


Ten seconds to go! – Effects of feedback systems in human-robot collaboration
Franziska Legler, Dorothea Langer, Sebastian Glende & Angelika C. Bullinger


Towards fast human-centred contouring workflows for adaptive external beam radiotherapy
Nicolas F. Chaves-de-Plaza, Prerak Mody, Klaus Hildebrandt, Marius Staring, Eleftheria Astreinidou, Mischa de Ridder, Huib de Ridder, & René van Egmond

Annoyance by Alarms in the ICU: A Cognitive Approach to the Role of Interruptions by Patient Monitoring Alarms
Idil Bostan, Elif Özcan, Diederik Gommers, & René van Egmond

A new approach to sound design in automated vehicles
Soyeon Kim, Tarek Kabbani, Duygu Serbes, Riender Happee, Ahu Ece Hartavi, & René van Egmond