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Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter Annual Meeting in Dortmund, Germany, November 1994. Edited by
Karel A. Brookhuis, Clemens Weikert, & C. Richard Cavonius

K.A. Brookhuis, C. Weikert and C.R. Cavonius (Eds.) (1996), Training and simulation, proceedings of the Europe Chapter of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting 1994. Haren, The Netherlands: University of Groningen, Traffic Research Centre.
ISBN 90-6807-319-2
Paperback, 139 pages, € 20,- No copies left, now available for download
Published by the Traffic Research Centre, University of Groningen


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preview one page Preface
   Karel Brookhuis, Clemens Weikert, and Richard Cavoniuspreview one page Current Issues in Training and Simulation 
    J. Riemersma – TNO 
preview one page Spatial visuo-motor compatibility and manual control in a tracking task 
    W.H. Ehrenstein, C.R. Cavonius, & E. Lewke – IfADo 
preview one page Quantifying the Dynamic Complexity of Visuo-Motor Tracking Performance 
    R.E. Ganz, W.H. Ehrenstein, L. Schlykowa, & C.R. Cavonius – Universitätsklinikum Essen 
preview one page Cognitive performance changes in a dry hyperbaric environment equivalent to 180 meters of seawater 
    W.A.C. Spijkers – IfaADo 
preview one page Negative brain potentials predict performance in reaction tasks 
    M. Falkenstein, J. Hohnsbein, & J. Hoormann – IfADo 
preview one page 3-D Radar Display for Air-Traffic Control Tasks 
    M. Göbel, J. Stallkamp, & J. Springer – Aachen University 
preview one page Accommodation, convergence, pupil and eye blinks at a CRT-display flickering near fusion limit 
    W. Jaschinski, M. Bonacker & E. Alshuth – IfADo 
preview one page Research on simulator-based training and instruction strategies 
    J.C.G.M. van Rooij – TNO 
preview one page Participating in simulations -good, middling and irrelevant 
    H.E. Ross & A.A.I. Wedderburn – University of Stirling 
preview one page Performance measurement in driving simulators 
    J.E. Korteling, & K. van den Bosch – TNO 
preview one page Behavioural adaptation to an enforcement and tutoring system -A driving simulator study 
    D. de Waard, M. van der Hulst, & K.A. Brookhuis – University of Groningen 
preview one page On-the-job training for process operators as a strategy for competence achievement -A case study 
    A. Johansson, A. Persson, & B. Wanek – Lund Institute of Technology