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Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter Annual Meeting in Haren, The Netherlands, November 1996 Edited byKarel Brookhuis, Dick de Waard, & Clemens Weikert 

Brookhuis, K.A., De Waard, D., & Weikert, C.M. (Eds.). (1997). Simulators and Traffic Psychology. Proceedings of the 1996 annual meeting of the Europe Chapter of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. Groningen, the Netherlands: Centre for Environmental and Traffic Psychology, University of Groningen.
ISBN 90-6807-335-4
Paperback, 196 pages, € 20,-, no copies left, book is available for download, see below.
Published by the Centre for Environmental and Traffic Psychology – University of Groningen


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preview one page Preface
   Karel Brookhuis, Dick de Waard, and Clemens Weikert preview one page Human performance in a moving environment 
    Lex Wertheim -TNO 
preview one page Evaluation of frigate bridge concepts using Virtual Environment techniques 
    Peter Werkhoven, Wilfried Post, & Patrick Punte – TNO 
preview one page Comparison of eye movement behaviour during negotiation of curves on a test-site and in a driving simulator 
    Klaus Bengler, Jost Bernasch, & Jan Löwenau – BMW 
preview one page Dissection of car crashes in high fidelity driving simulations 
    Matthew Rizzo, Stephen Reinach & Daniel McGehee – The University of Iowa 
preview one page A simulated test-ride to assess the driving ability of cognitively impaired persons 
    Frederiec Withaar & Peter van Wolffelaar – University of Groningen 
preview one page Driving simulation for neurological evaluation: an assessment tool in occupational therapy 
    Görel Caneman & Michael Panzitta – Karolinska Hospital/Institute 
preview one page Computer-based instruction in traffic theory 
    Karel van den Bosch – TNO 
preview one page Simulating the acoustics of truck-driving 
    Michael Popp & Berthold Färber – University of the Armed Forces 
preview one page Laser-based plane detection and visualisation 
    Ingo Richter & Klaus-Peter Holzhausen – Kiss lab / FH Bochum 
preview one page A model of driver behaviour adaptation 
    Wim van Winsum – University of Groningen 
preview one page The perception of risk involved in alcohol-impaired driving 
    Jacques Bergeron, Elise Lavoilette, François Perraton, & Pierre Joly – University of Montreal 
preview one page Performance in a driving simulator and intention to take risk on the road among learner and experienced young drivers 
    Pierre Joly, Martin Gilbert, Martin Paquette, François Perraton, & Jacques Bergeron – Institut de Réadaption de Montréal 
preview one page The role of perception and expectation of lead-car speed changes in car drivers’ distance-keeping behaviour 
    Monique van der Hulst – University of Groningen 
preview one page The effects of in-car information systems on mental workload: a driving simulator study 
    Fokie Cnossen, Karel Brookhuis, & Theo Meijman – University of Groningen 
preview one page Road-edge delineation in rural areas: effects on driving behaviour 
    Frank Steyvers & Dick de Waard – University of Groningen 
preview one page A vision for the future of human factors 
    Patrick Jordan – Philips 
preview one page List of referees