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On the occasion of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter Annual Meeting in Dortmund, Germany, October 2002.

Edited by
Dick de Waard, Karel Brookhuis, Sascha Sommer, and Willem Verwey


D. de Waard, K.A. Brookhuis, S.M. Sommer, and W.B. Verwey (2003), Human Factors in the Age of Virtual Reality. Maastricht, the Netherlands: Shaker Publishing.
ISBN 90-423-0230-5
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Contentspreview one page Preface
   Dick de Waard, Karel Brookhuis, Sascha Sommer, and Willem Verwey


preview one page If VR has changed …… then have its human factors? 
   John R. Wilson 
preview one page Individual differences in user experience of head mounted displays: personality and visuo-spatial attention effects
   Mark Turner and Steve Love
preview one page Haptic accuracy in a Virtual Reality arthroscopy simulator
   Louise Moody, John Arthur, Edward A. Dibble, and Aleksander Zivanovic
preview one page Virtual simulation sickness: is vection the only issue? 
   Peter A. Howarth 
preview one page Habituation to virtual simulation sickness when volunteers are tested at weekly intervals
   Stacy A. Clemes and Peter A. Howarth 
preview one page Habituation of virtual simulation sickness: preliminary results
   Simon G. Hodder and Peter A. Howarth 
preview one page Stereovision and dynamic vergence of the eyes: individual differences in visual performance at a three-dimensional display
   Wolfgang Jaschinski 
preview one page Analysis of the effects of a large-scale stereoscopic display on visual perception
   Thomas Alexander, Jessica Conradi, and Carsten Winkelholz
preview one page The enhancement of spatial learning in virtual environments
   Martin J. Farrell, Paul Arnold and Steve Pettifer 
preview one page Evaluation of a virtual reality-based ergonomics tutorial
   Dietmar Gude, Eike Branahl, Philipp Kawalek, Andreas Prions and Wolfgang Laurig 
preview one page Validity of Virtual Reality driving simulators for ergonomic assessment
   Cecilia Ruspa, Rainer Scheuchenpflug, and Silvia Quattrocolo 
preview one page Presence in virtual driving simulators
   Rainer Scheuchenpflug, Cecilia Ruspa, and Silvia Quattrocolo 
preview one page Older drivers in Virtual Reality assessments of vehicle ergonomics
   Roy Dymott, Brian Janes, Susan Harker, Rainer Scheuchenpflug, Cecilia Ruspa and Silvia Quattrocolo 
preview one page The role of simulation in the assessment of older drivers
   Sascha Sommer, Stefan Rothermel, Willem Verwey, and Per Henriksson
preview one page The role of simulation in the training of novice drivers
   Stefan Rothermel, Sascha Sommer, and Dick de Waard 
preview one page Usability and perception of an architectural VR-model of an office building
   Kaj Suneson, Claes Wernemyr, Börje Westerdahl, Mattias Roupé, and Carl Martin Allwood 
preview one page Training of visuo-manual co-ordination during endoscopic tasks using ‘electromechanical’ and ‘Virtual Reality’ phantoms
   Felix Klimmer 


preview one page Eye tracking in user tests
   Theo Boersema and Jasper ter Schegge 
preview one page How important is driver fatigue, and what can we do about it
   Karel A. Brookhuis, Dick de Waard, Joop H. Kraaij, and Evangelos Bekiaris
preview one page Saccadic velocities reflect presaccadic task demand
   Jan Churan, Miklós Kiss, Marc Wittmann, Peter Gugg, Martina Neidhart, Ernst Pöppel, and Hiroyuki Kamiya
preview one page Evacuating a train in case of fire
   Matthijs Dicke, Maaike Duistermaat, and Karel Brookhuis
preview one page Blood glucose as an index of mental effort
   Stephen H. Fairclough and Kim Houston
preview one page Simulation of the influence of surfaces on measured vertical ground reaction forces during fast movements
   Martin Fritz and Klaus Peikenkamp
preview one page Lumbar load during care-activities with patient transfer Part 1:Determination of postures and movements
   Claus Jordan, Andreas Theilmeier, Alwin Luttmann, and Matthias Jäger
preview one page Lumbar load during care-activities with patient transfer Part 2:Measurement of exerted forces
   Andreas Theilmeier, Claus Jordan, Matthias Jäger, and Alwin Luttmann
preview one page Assistance for car drivers: prototyping via a simulator study
   Holger Kußmann, Knut Polkehn, and Claudia Preuschhof
preview one page Automated decision aids in high-risk environments: an example from the ATC domain
   Ulla Metzger and Raja Parasuraman
preview one page Language processing under conditions of high workload
   Sascha Neuper 
preview one page An electrogoniometric study of trunk movements during lifting activities
   Rosimeire S. Padula and Helenice J.C.G. Coury 
preview one page Effect of hand elevation and wrist position on mean arterial pressure measured in the hand: implications for overhead work
   Lee D. Shibley, Thomas M. Cook, and John C. Rosecrance
preview one page Transfer between training of part-tasks in complex skill training – model development and some experimental data
   Jan Joris M. Roessingh, Astrid M.L. Kappers, and Jan J. Koenderink 
preview one page What is a built-up area? The appreciation of drivers
   Frank J.J.M. Steyvers and Jos H. Vrieling 
preview one page Using information from the World Wide Web for the study of risk and safety – a research note
   Hilja Taal
preview one page Preparing for Mars -psychological issues
   Heidi van der Holst, Dietrich Manzey, and Didier Schmitt 
preview one page Exploring enjoyability: which factors in a consumer device make the user smile? 
   Henriette C.M. Hoonhout & Marcelle Stienstra

preview one page Acknowledgement to reviewers

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