Books: Aging and Human Factors

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Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter Annual Meeting in Soesterberg, The Netherlands, November 1993 
Edited by
Karel Brookhuis, Clemens Weikert, Jan Moraal, & Dick de Waard

Brookhuis, K.A., Weikert, C., Moraal, J., & De Waard, D. (Eds.). (1996). Aging and Human Factors. Proceedings of the Europe Chapter of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting 1993. Haren: University of Groningen, Traffic Research Centre.
ISBN 90-6807-311-7
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Published by the Traffic Research Centre (now Centre for Environmental and Traffic Psychology), University of Groningen


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    Karel Brookhuis, Clemens Weikert, Jan Moraal, and Dick de Waard
Aging and Work 
    Jan Moraal – TNO
Gerontechnology: matching the technological environment to the needs and capacities of the elderly 
    Jan A.M. Graafmans, James L. Fozard, Jan Rietsema, Ad van Berlo, & Herman Bouma – Eindhoven University of Technology
Elderly´s management of job career 
    Bo Hagberg, & Åke Ahlberg – Lund University
Middle-aged and elderly women’s work and health -a model 
    Lena Lannerheim – Gerontology Research Centre
Aging and ergonomics: the challenges of individual differences and environmental change
    James L. Fozard, Jan A.M. Graafmans, Jan Rietsema, H. Bouma, & A. van Berlo – Eindhoven University of Technology
The workers’ age and the adaptation of work situation to their capacities
    J.R. de Jong
Visual performance in night and dusk conditions. Results of questionnaires and laboratory tests on 517 drivers, from 16 to 84 years of age
   J.-J. Meyer, A. Bousquet, & P. Rey – University of Geneva

The relevance of age for work in a warm humid climate 
    George Havenith, Viktor Luttikholt, Yoshimitsu Inoue, & W. Larry Kenney – TNO
Older drivers and attentional demands: consequences for human factors research  
    Wiebo H. Brouwer – University of Groningen
Pilot workload evaluated with subjective and physiological measures 
    J.A. Veltman, & A.W.K. Gaillard – TNO