Books: Advances in Multimedia and Simulation. Human-Machine Interface Implications

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Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter Annual Meeting in Bochum, Germany, November 1997 Edited by
Klaus-Peter Holzhausen

K.-P. Holzhausen (Ed.) (1997). Advances in Multimedia and Simulation. Human-Machine-Interface Implications, Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Conference in Bochum, November 1997. Bochum, Germany: Fachhochschule Bochum, University of Applied Sciences.
ISBN 3-00-002435-2
Paperback, 486 pages, € 25,-
Published by the Fachhochschule Bochum, University of Applied Sciences, Bochum, Germany


ContentsMessage to the Europe Chapter 
    Harold van Cott – President Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 
Multimedia and Management of Enterprises 
    H.C. Klaus Steilmann – Steilmann GruppeAir Traffic Control and Aviation 
Air Traffic Control Simulation and the Human Operator 
    Ralf Beyer – DLR 
Horses for Courses – Simulation in Air Traffic Control 
    Hugh David – Eurocontrol 
PC – Based Training of Air Traffic Controllers 
    Bas Kuijpers – NLR 
Deep Design – Beyond the Interface 
    Hugh David – Eurocontrol 
Advanced Manoeuvre Flight Training on PC’s and Transfer to the Real Aircraft 
    Jan J. Roessingh, Staszek F. Chlopowski – NLR 
A Systematic Approach for Applying Multimedia Techniques to Aviation 
    Margaret T. Shaffer, Rodney Baldwin – Paradigm International 
Controller Working Position for Future Automatic Dependent Surveillance 
    Beate Ulbrich, André Wattler, André Nordwig, & Frank Posadny – TU Berlin

The Diadem Software Development Methodology extended to Multimedia Interfaces 
    Bernd-Burkhard Borys, Markus Tiemann -Universität-Gesamthochschule Kassel 
What is Multimedia? Proposal of a Taxonomy for Human-Machine Communication 
    Georg Geiser – Katholische Universität Eichstätt 
Comparing Multimedia Concepts by Using Socio-Oriented Modelling Methods 
    Thomas Herrmann, Kai-Uwe Loser, Klaus Moysich, & Thomas Walter – Universität Dortmund

Defense System 
Virtual Environment for the Simulation of a Tactical Situation Display 
    Morten Grandt, Thomas Alexander, & Klaus-Peter Gärtner – FGAN/FFM-EFS 
Multimedia Approaches in Management Information Systems 
    Dipl.- Ing. Jürgen Kaster – FGAN/FFM 
Simulation Supported Analysis and Development of Tactical and Lower Level Ground Battle Units 
    Arne Worm – Swedish Armed Forces

Automotive and Traffic Applications 
Human Factors, an Emergency Situation, and the Automated Highway System 
    Dick de Waard, Monique van der Hulst, Marika Hoedemaeker, Karel Brookhuis, & Hans Soeteman – University of Groningen 
A Model of Individually Acting Drivers with Cognitive Capabilities for Microscopic Traffic Simulation 
    Marita Irmsche, Thomas Jürgensohn, Hans-Peter Willumeit – TU Berlin 
Online Traffic Simulation Based on Cellular Automata 
    J. Esser, Michael Schreckenberg – Universität Duisburg 
Intelligent Speed Adaptor (ISA) 
    Karel Brookhuis, Dick de Waard – University of Groningen 
Simulation and Control of Traffic Flow on Large Motorway Networks 
    Soenke Schoof – Fachhochschule Hannover 
False Yield and False Go Decisions at Signalized Left-Turn Intersections: A Driving Simulator Study 
    Andrea Szymkowiak,Donald L. Fisher, Karen A. Connerney – University of Massachusetts 
Validation of an Economic and Fast Method to Evaluate Situation Specific Parameters of Traffic Safety
    Alf Zimmer, Katharina Dahmen-Zimmer,Kilian Ehrl – Universität Regensburg 
New Multimedia Components Inside a Car Cockpit 
    Jens Ohler,Roland Drees, Klaus-Peter Holzhausen- Leopold Kostal GmbH & Co. KG 
Changing Attitudes of Speed-Limit Offenders Using a Multimedia Programme 
    Frank Steyvers, Anneke J. Menting, Karel A. Brookhuis- University of Groningen 
Driving Simulation Systems as Fast Tools to Evaluate Different Types of Head-Up Displays in a Vehicle 
    Andreas Penka, Rolf Gengenbach,Heiner Bubb – TU München 
Analysis of Hand Position in Unstructured Environments 
    Lutz Geisen, O. Bock – Deutsche Sporthochschule

Industrial Automation and Robotics 
An Experimental Multimedia Process Control Room 
    Bernd-Burkhard Borys, Gunnar Johannsen – Universität-Gesamthochschule Kassel 
A Multimedia Decision Support System for Workgroups in Flexible Manufacturing 
    Dietmar Gude,Andreas Bauerle,Andreas Stiegler, W. Laurig – Universität Dortmund 
Incorporating Ergonomic Conciderations into Models of Manufacturing Systems 
    Henry Herper, Hansjürgen Gebhardt – Otto-von-Guericke-Universität 
Concept of an Object-Oriented Multimedia System for Teleservice Applications 
    Werner Amshoff, Andre Brinkmann, Reinhard Möller, Olaf Schaar, Achim Sixtus – Bergische Uni; Gesamthochschule Wuppertal 
Architecture of the “Robotic Tele Lab” 
    Armin E. Cremers, Wolfram Burgard,Dirk Schulz – Universität Bonn 
A 3D Interface for a Mobile Robot Using Standard Internet Tools 
    Eric Colon, Yvan Baudoin, Bernard Heggermont – Royal Military Academy 
Performance Shaping Factors in Teleoperation using a 6-Axis Active Hand Controller 
    Gordon Gillet, Herbert Rausch -TU München

Virtual Reality 
Virtual Reality Usability Evaluation Techniques: RECMUVI and TILE VIZ 
    Pedro Z. Caldeira, Nuno Otero – Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada 
A Multimedia Archaeological Museum 
    Claus Dießenbacher, Thorsten Henkel, Ernst Rank – Universität Dortmund 
Subjective Realism in a Simulated Squash Game 
    Heiko Hecht – Universität Bielefeld 
Virtual Reality as an Aid to Document and Inventorize Historical Buildings 
    Martin Trautwein – Fachhochschule Lippe 

Information Technology and Communication 
Designing for Telecommunication on the Internet 
    Marita Franzke, Anne McClard,Carrie Rudman, Pat Somers – US West Advanced Technologies 
Digital Multimedia BroadcastingTransmission of Video and High Data Rate Signals into Moving Vehicles 
    Gert Siegle – Robert Bosch GmbH 
The Interface – An Invitation To Communication 
    Monika Fleischmann – GMD 
The Development of Future Communication 
    Michael Laskowski – communications GmbH 
Implementational and Perceptual Aspects of an Immersive Auditory/ Tactile Virtual Envirmonment 
    Jörg Sahrhage, Jens Blauert – Ruhr-Universität-Bochum

Teaching and Learning 
An Integrated Multimedia Concept for Distance Teaching of Engineering 
    Wolfgang Halang,Martin Witte – Fernuniversität Hagen 
Teaching Syntheses of Digital Systems. A Challenge for Multimedia Applications 
    Peter Conradi,Ulrich Heinkel,Michael Wahl – Uni-GH Gießen 
Interface Design of a Multimedia Training Course for Electrical Engineers Including Evaluation Design 
    Birgit Scherff, Dirk Thißen – Fernuniversität Hagen

Medical Systems 
Fixation Disparity under Vergence Load: Clinical Optometric Procedures and Ergonomic Applications 
    Wolfgang Jaschinski – Universität Dortmund 
A New Strategy for Incorporating Health and Safety Relevant Factors into Planning 
    Ina Ehrhardt, Hansjürgen Gebhardt P. Lorenz, B.H. Müller -Otto-von-Guericke-Universität 
Simulation of Different Peripheral Blood Flow Patterns for Educational Purposes 
    Ulrich Schaarschmidt – Universität der Bundeswehr 
Perception-Action Compatibility and Eye-Hand Dominance in Using Visually-Displayed Information 
    Walter H. Ehrenstein, Birgit E. Arnold-Schulz-Gahmen – Universität Dortmund

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