Executive committee 2018 – 2020

Officers 2018-2020

In 2017 new officers were elected for the period 2018-2020. The new president of the HFES Europe Chapter is Stefan Röttger from the German Naval Medical Institute in Kiel. Stefan has been an active member for a very long time, was Chapter director from 2012-2017 and has faithfully taken care of the Chapter newsletter from 2007-2017!

Stefan Röttger, HFES Europe Chapter President

No new treasurer was elected, which means that the past treasurer takes care.

Again (….) Dick de Waard was elected Secretary. He has had this role (half of the time as past but acting secretary) from 2006.


Dick de Waard, secretary

Three directors were elected: Natasha Merat from ITS University of Leeds, and Stephen Fairclough, from Liverpool John Moores University, and Linda Onnasch from Humboldt University of Berlin.


Natasha Merat, Stephen Fairclough, and Linda Onnasch, directors

Apart from the president, treasurer and the three directors the past-president (Antonella Toffetti), and past (and acting) treasurer are also members of the executive council

antonella karel 

Antonella Toffetti, past president, and Karel Brookhuis, past treasurer

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