PDF of posters presented in Nantes

Candida Castro,  Relationship between self-reported attentional errors and the ability to predict upcoming hazards on the road, with driving experience having a moderating role

Alison Caillé, Employee «empowerment» in an aeronautic industry: identification of the levers and obstacles to managerial innovations based on employees’ interviews 

Manon Kervella, Improving employees’ well-being by integrating human factors into work situations. The case of a digital service company

Thomas Galais, Natural Interaction in Virtual Reality: Impact on the Cognitive Load

F. Clanché, Design of experiments for the evaluation of the human-exoskeleton interaction in the context of small data collections

Gabriella Duca, Human behaviour modelling in tools for Air Traffic Management change impact assessment

Marius Klug, Neuroergonomic assessment of situation awareness in a virtual environment (NeSitA)

Katy Tcha-Tokey, Towards an Affordance-Based Approach for Scenario Modelling and Experience Assessment in VR

Peggy Walde, Interaction Strategies for Handing Over Objects to Blind People

Thomas Witte, Evaluating a physiological sensor for cognitive workload assessment in two different military settings

Yu-Jeng Kuo, Objective Workload Evaluation with Lane Keeping Assistance System Using Physiological Signal and Driving Performance

Alexandra König, Sharing rides in autonomous mobility-on-demand-systems. Acceptability, information needs and incentive systems

Anna Pätzold, Context-aware HMIs in the field: effects on usability and user experience

Pengxiang Zhang, Planning Concept for the Human-Robot-Cooperation (HRC) Using Software Tools and Virtual Reality