Keynote presentation

Neuroergonomics for flight safety

Prof Frédéric DEHAIS, 

ISAE, Toulouse, France

The emerging field of research, known as Neuroergonomics, maintains that in order to investigate complex real-world behaviour it is necessary to understand the processes within the context of the underlying interacting brain networks rather than under reduced isolated conditions that only occur in the laboratory. This discipline promotes the use of highly portable devices (eg. functional near infrared spectroscopy, electroencephalograph) to determine the neural correlates of perceptual, motor, and cognitive processing in highly ecological environments. Aviation operations constitute an ideal paradigm to implement this approach. The objective of this talk is to present recent advances in Neuroergonomic research addressing pilot’s failure of attention, decision making and social interactions as well as the design of cognitive countermeasures. We will also discuss the challenges of implementing neuroadaptive technology in the cockpit to improve human-machine teaming for safer operations.