Human Factors & User Experience in everyday life, medicine, and work

On the occasion of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter Annual Meeting in Groningen, The Netherlands 2015.

Edited by
Dick de Waard, Karel Brookhuis, Antonella Toffetti, Arjan Stuiver, Clemens Weikert, Denis Coelho, Dietrich Manzey, Berfu Ünal, Stefan Röttger, and Natasha Merat (Eds.)

D. de Waard, K.A. Brookhuis, A. Toffetti, A. Stuiver, C. Weikert, D. Coelho, D. Manzey, A.B. Ünal, S. Röttger, and N. Merat (Eds.) (2016). Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter 2015 Annual Conference. ISSN 2333-4959 (online). Available from

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Self monitoring – an age-related comparison
Peter Rasche, Matthias Wille, Sabine Theis, Katharina Schäfer, Christopher M. Schlick, & Alexander Mertens

Needs assessment for individuals ageing with impairment: Findings from subject matter expert interviews
Kimberly C. Preusse, Elena T. Gonzalez, Jenny L. Singleton, Tracy L. Mitzner, & Wendy A. Rogers

Shared Usability – a support mechanism to product and service system design for Older Adults
Linda Shore, PJ White, & Hilary Dempsey

Human-centred development of automatically accommodating contact lenses
Max Bernhagen, Patrick Roßner, & Angelika C. Bullinger

Embodied Virtual Agents and Electronic Bracelet to support independent Travel by People with Cognitive Disabilities
Pedro Ribeiro, Anna Michel, Christian Ressel, Stefan Koenen, & Sebastian Schmitz

An idiographic study into the physiology and self-reported mental workload of learning to drive a car
Noordzij, Dorrestijn, & van den Berg


Emotions in Decision-Making Processes of Air Traffic Management Stakeholders
Maria Freese, Alexander Jakobi, & Meike Jipp

Work domain analysis of an intensive care unit: An Abstraction Hierarchy based on a bed-side approach
Ida Bodin, Camilla Fröjd, & Anders Jansson

Characterising influences on safety culture in military aviation: a methodologically grounded approach
Anthea Bennett, Elizabeth Hellier, & Andrew Weyman

Using Cognitive Work Analysis to design smart grid interfaces
Christine Chauvin, Philippe Rauffet, Mathilde Tréhin, Pascal Berruet, & Julie Lassalle


Driving with a multi stage warning system in the head-up display – How do drivers react upon it?
Susann Winkler, Juela Kazazi, & Mark Vollrath

Investigating the impact of attentional declines on road-crossing strategies of older pedestrians
Rebecca Wiczorek, Jan Siegmann, & Florian Breitinger

Ambient light based interaction concept for an integrative driver assistance system – a driving simulator study
Marc Dziennus, Johann Kelsch, & Anna Schieben

Eco-Pedaling – Examining a highly automated eco-assistance system for pedelecs from a user perspective
Isabel Neumann, Maria Kreußlein, Peter Cocron, Steffen Weichold, & Josef F. Krems


Boundary conditions for safe detection of clinical alarms: An observational study to identify the cognitive and perceptual demands in an Intensive Care Unit
Kathrin Lange, Miriam Nowak, Richard Zoller, & Wolfgang Lauer

Human factor guidelines and workload in CCTV design
David de Bruijn, Jorrit Jansen, Dick Lenior, Ruud Pikaar, & Kirsten Schreibers

Automation Surprise Looked at from a Demands-Resources Perspective
Karel Hurts & Robert Jan de Boer

Mental workload assessment using eye-tracking glasses in a simulated maritime scenario
F. Di Nocera, S. Mastrangelo, S. Proietti Colonna, A. Steinhage, M. Baldauf, & A. Kataria


Gestures while driving: A guessability approach for a surface gestures taxonomy for in-vehicle indirect interaction
Joana Vieira, Rosane Sampaio, Rafael Nascimento, João Pedro Ferreira, Sara Machado, Nuno Ribeiro, Estevão Silva, & Sandra Mouta

Comparison of an Old and a New Head-Up Display Design Concept for Urban Driving
Martin Götze, Christian Schweiger, Johannes Eisner, & Klaus Bengler

Towards developing a head-up display warning system – How to support older drivers in urban areas?
Juela Kazazi, Susann Winkler, & Mark Vollrath

The effect of external and environmental factors on perceived comfort: the car-seat experience
Alessandro Naddeo, Rosaria Califano, Nicola Cappetti, & Mariarosaria Vallone