Human Factors in high reliability industries

On the occasion of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter Annual Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal 2014.

Edited by
Dick de Waard, Jürgen Sauer, Stefan Röttger, Annette Kluge, Dietrich Manzey, Clemens Weikert, Antonella Toffetti, Rebecca Wiczorek, Karel Brookhuis, and Jettie Hoonhout (Eds.)

D. de Waard, J. Sauer, S. Röttger, A. Kluge, D. Manzey, C. Weikert, A. Toffetti, R. Wiczorek, K. Brookhuis, and H. Hoonhout  (Eds.) (2015). Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Europe Chapter 2014 Annual Conference. ISSN 2333-4959 (online). Available from

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Advantages of Magnetic Mice over Trackballs as input devices on moving platforms
Stefan Röttger, Saskia Vetter, & Sören Ollhoff

Investigation of human behaviour in pushing and pulling tasks for direct manipulation of a collaborative robot
Jonas Schmidtler, Christina Harbauer, & Klaus Bengler

Validation of a Telephone Manager for stressful driving situations
Linda Köhler, Klaus Bengler, Christian Mergl, Kathrin Maier, & Martin Wimmer

Anger and bother experience when driving with a traffic light assistant: A multi-driver simulator study
Lena Rittger, Dominik Muehlbacher, Christian Maag, & Andrea Kiesel

Olfaction influences affect and cognitive-motoric performance: Evidence for the negative impact of unpleasant odours.
Stefan Brandenburg, Anna K. Trapp, & Nils Backhaus 


The more the better? The impact of number of stages of likelihood alarm systems on human performance.
Magali Balaud & Dietrich Manzey

The predictive quality of retentivity for skill acquisition and retention in a simulated process control task
Barbara Frank & Annette Kluge

Implementing dynamic changes in automation support using ocular-based metrics of mental workload: a laboratory study
Serena Proietti Colonna, Claudio Capobianco, Simon Mastrangelo, & Francesco Di Nocera


Event expectancy and inattentional blindness in advanced helmet-mounted display symbology
Patrizia Knabl, Sven Schmerwitz, & Johannes Ernst

A novel Human Machine Interaction (HMI) design/evaluation approach supporting the advancement of improved automation concepts to enhance flight safety
Joan Cahill & Tiziana C. Callari

Option generation in simulated conflict scenarios in approach Air Traffic Control
Jan Kraemer & Heinz-Martin Süß

The operational potential of an In-Flight Weather Awareness System: an explorative pilot-in-the-loop simulation
Simone Rozzi, Stefano Bonelli, Ana Ferreira, Linda Napoletano, & Loic Bécouarn

Innovative multi-sensor device deployment for fighter pilots activity study in a highly realistic Rafale simulator
Julie Lassalle, Philippe Rauffet, Baptiste Leroy, Laurent Guillet, Christine Chauvin
& Gilles Coppin


Is simulation (not) enough? Results of a validation study of an autonomous emergency braking system on a test track and in a static driving simulator.
Martin Jentsch & Angelika C. Bullinger

Success factors for navigational assistance: a complementary ship-shore perspective.
Linda de Vries

Can weak-resilience-signals (WRS) reveal obstacles compromising (rail-)system resilience?
Willy Siegel & Jan Maarten Schraagen

Introducing electric vehicle-based mobility solutions – impact of user expectations to long and short term usage
André Dettmann, Dorothea Langer, Angelika C. Bullinger, & Josef F. Krems

Are globality and locality related to driver’s hazard perception abilities?
Shani Avnieli-Bachar, Avinoam Borowsky, Yisrael Parmet, Hagai Tapiro, & Tal Oron-Gilad


How to improve training programs for the management of complex and unforeseen situations?
Marie-Pierre Fornette, Françoise Darses, & Marthe Bourgy

The Expanded Cognitive Task Load Index (NASA-TLX) applied to Team Decision-Making in Emergency Preparedness Simulation
Denis A. Coelho, João N. O. Filipe, Mário Simões-Marques, & Isabel L. Nunes


Evaluation of Crew Resource Management Interventions for Doctors-on-call
Vera Hagemann, Annette Kluge & Clemens Kehren


Can we remove the human factor from usability research to save time and money?
Andreas Espinoza & Johan Gretland

Influence of head mounted display hardware on performance and strain.
Matthias Wille & Sascha Wischniewski