Books: Human Factors in Transportation, Communication, Health, and the Workplace

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Society Europe Chapter Annual Meeting in Turin, Italy, November 2001.

Edited by
Dick de Waard, Karel Brookhuis, Jan Moraal, & Antonella Toffetti


D. de Waard, K.A. Brookhuis, J. Moraal, and A. Toffetti (2002), Human Factors in Transportation, Communication, Health, and the Workplace. Maastricht, the Netherlands: Shaker Publishing.
ISBN 90-423-0206-2
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Contentspreview one page Preface

   Dick de Waard, Karel Brookhuis, Jan Moraal, and Antonella Toffetti

preview one page Why safety and Human Factors/Ergonomics standards are so difficult to establish
   Paul Green


preview one page An ergonomic approach to on-board systems
   A. Toffetti, D. Bertolino, E. Nodari, C. Zoldan, W. Gerbino, & T. Agostini
preview one page Skill-development when interacting with in-vehicle information systems: a training study on the learnability of different MMI concepts
   Georg Jahn, Josef F. Krems, Christhard Gelau 
preview one page An empirical comparison of the use of distance versus landmark information within the Human-Machine Interface for vehicle navigation systems
   Gary E. Burnett, & J. Mark Porter
preview one page Preliminary results of an ergonomic study investigating the needs of older drivers and passengers
    Enrica Fubini, Silvia Leone, Maurizio Cerrone, Anna Barello, Ivan Bellanca, Claudia Campanella, Annalisa Abbà, Maurizio Cagliuso, Laura Peralma, Elisabetta Toscano 
preview one page Joystick versus conventional driving controls
    Joakim Östlund & Björn Peters 
preview one page Human factors aspects on joystick control of adapted vehicles
    Björn Peters, Joakim Östlund, & Håkan Alm 
preview one page Evaluation of an on-board driver support system -the IN-ARTE project
    F. Tango & E. Bekiaris 
preview one page COMUNICAR: Designing multimodal interaction for advanced in-vehicle interfaces
    Michele Mariani 
preview one page The impact of transport company safety climate on truck crashes
    Mark J.M. Sullman, Karl Pajo, & Michelle L. Meadows 
preview one page Analysis of workplace transport accidents
    Nicholas Dickety 
preview one page Effects of complexity of in-car information on visual fixations and driving performance
    Guy Labiale & Mario Galliano 
preview one page Recognition of retroreflective road signs during night driving
    J. Berzinsh, M.Ozolinsh, P.Cikmacs, and K. Pesudovs 
preview one page Driver’s electric skin variations response and Emergency Braking Systems’ requirements
    Alain Priez, Claire Petit, & Christophe Brigout 
preview one page Spontaneous speed: theoretical and applied considerations
    Alessandro Couyoumdjian, Francesco Di Nocera, & Fabio Ferlazzo 
preview one page Feeling your way home: the design of haptic control interfaces within cars
    Steve J. Summerskill, Gary E. Burnett, & J.Mark Porter 
preview one page Assessment of driver’s mental effort while driving roads of different complexity
    A. Ronen, T. Oron-Gilad, D. Shinar, & Y. Cassuto 
preview one page Road design and subjective safety
    Andrea Simone 
preview one page Predictive aids in Air Traffic Control: Situation Awareness and mental workload implications
    Ashley Nunes & Michael L. Matthews 
preview one page Attention switching and mental workload in a modern traffic control centre
    Addie Johnson, Helena Fongers , & Harry Lammeretz 
preview one page Drowsiness warning and driver acceptance -a simulator experiment
   Albert-jan Roskam, Dick de Waard, Karel Brookhuis, Everd Uneken, Serge Boverie, Alain Giralt
preview one page Evaluation of the comprehensibility of various designs of a Full Colour Information Panel
   Albert-jan Roskam, Everd Uneken, Dick de Waard, Karel Brookhuis, Sascha Breker, & Stefan Rothermel
preview one page Effects of time pressure on feelings of stress, activation and arousal, and drivers’ risk taking behaviour
    Carme Oliveras, Monica Cunill, M.Eugenia Gras, Mark J.M. Sullman, Montserrat Planes, and Cristina Figuer
preview one page Psychological factors in young drivers’ traffic accidents
    Valdimar Briem, Asthor Ragnarsson, & Kjartan Thordarson 
preview one page Testing the interface of a cab signalling system
    Walter Gerbino & Francesco Strano


preview one page Multi-national missions of the 21st century: impact on leadership & training
   Yvonne R. Masakowski
preview one page Sensible Agents: augmenting and empowering human decision-makers
   K. Suzanne Barber, Anuj Goel, Joonoo Kim, Cheryl E. Martin, David C. Han, Dung N. Lam, Matt MacMahon, Ryan McKay
preview one page Digital memory cabinets: reviving the Art of Memory for augmented cognition
   Yvonne F. Barnard & Guy A. Boy


preview one page Determining dynamic cardiovascular state changes using a baro-reflex simulation model
   Ben Mulder, Arie van Roon, Monika Althaus, Hans Veldman, Karin Laumann, Jaap Bos, Lennert Quispel, & Mathijs Dicke
preview one page The suitability of the 0.1 Hz component of heart rate variability for the assessment of mental workload in real and simulated work situations
    Peter Nickel & Friedhelm Nachreiner 
preview one page Use of biofeedback in occupational risk prevention
    Jan Seghers, Hans Ponnet, & Arthur Spaepen 
preview one page The Sky Light Simulator Project
    Juri Barollo & Pier Giorgio Bellei 
preview one page Way-finding and Maritime Emergency Signs
    Michael May 
preview one page Human factors and everyday routine in the maritime work domain
    Thomas Koester 
preview one page Situation awareness in maritime traffic control: a comparison of two methods
    Erik Wiersma & Rene Butter 
preview one page Development of a Performance Monitoring Instrument for Vessel Traffic Service Operators
    René Butter and Erik Wiersma 
preview one page Risk assessment to increase safety and health in the Estonian work environment
    Piia Tint & Virve Siirak 
preview one page New health risks in the information era? 
   Hilja Taal
preview one page Awareness of occupational health risks of nitrous oxide and formaldehyde used in a hospital’s operating room
   Marina Kempinen
preview one page An anthropometric survey of Italians “L’Italia si misura”: a decade of research
   Melchiorre Masali, Enrica Fubini, Giordano Pierlorenzi, Alessandra Millevolte, Gianna Anzil, Marinella Ferrino, Ivana Coniglio, Alessandra Fenoglio, Nadia Salis
preview one page Design and evaluation of simulator-training in Anaesthesia Crisis Resource Management (ACRM) 
   Niclas Schaper, Anja Pia Schmitz, Christoph Grube, Peter Dieckmann, & Bernhard Graf
preview one page Linguistic and location effects in compliance to pesticide warning labels
   Judy Edworthy, Elizabeth Hellier, Nicola Lambell, Clare Grey, Kirsteen Aldrich, & Andrew Lee
preview one page Identification of qualifications for train-dispatcher trainees
    Ann Britt Skjerve, Jan Ludvigsen, & Tore Neset 
preview one page Simulation of industrial decision making: lessons learnt from field studies in process control and railway signalling environments
    Sarah Nichols & Sarah Crawford


preview one page Multi-media and the internet as educational tools for solving the problems of ergonomics and safety
    Virve Siirak 
preview one page “Always On” a new way of interacting with information and communication technologies in daily life
    Elena Guercio, Antonella Roella, & Silvia Bonaventura 
preview one page E-tool: a personalised prototype for web based applications
    Cristina Gena, Amedeo Perna, & Massimiliano Ravazzi 
preview one page Portable data assistant for emergency units
    Camillo Sassano 
preview one page Reading and searching information on small display screens
    Jari Laarni, Ilpo Kojo, & Lari Kärkkäinen 
preview one page Varying types and levels of automation in the support of dynamic fault management: an analysis of performance costs and benefits
    Bernd Lorenz, Francesco Di Nocera, & Raja Parasuraman

preview one page Acknowledgement to reviewers

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