Acceptance Scale
  A simple scale to asses system acceptance

Dick de Waard

This scale asseses System acceptance on two dimensions, a Usefulness scale and an affective Satisfying scale. It can be insightful to first describe the system and have the scale filled in as a before measuremen, to asses ideas people have, and then again after experience with the system. Full details can be found in the paper that can be downloaded in pdf format (0.65 MB).

The scale is simple, nine Likert items:
I find such a system / the (...) system (please tick a box on every line

1Useful |__|__|__|__|__| Useless
2Pleasant |__|__|__|__|__|Unpleasant
3Bad |__|__|__|__|__| Good
4Nice |__|__|__|__|__| Annoying
5Effective |__|__|__|__|__|Superfluous
6Irritating |__|__|__|__|__| Likeable
7Assisting |__|__|__|__|__|Worthless
8Undesirable |__|__|__|__|__| Desirable
9Raising Alertness |__|__|__|__|__| Sleep-inducing

Score from +2 .. -2, items 3, 6, and 8 are mirrored and should be scored -2..+2. The Usefulness scale is the sum of item 1 + 3 + 5 + 7 + 9 divided by 5 (so it has a range from -2 to +2), the Satisfying scale is the sum of items 2, 4, 6, and 8, divided by 4.

The acceptance scale in your language:

Dutch The original scale we used
German, Thanks to Michael Kondzior of IAT/University Stuttgart.
Swedish, Thanks to András Varhelyi of LTH in Lund.
Spanish, Thanks to Maider Larburu Lopez of ROBOTIKER-Tecnalia in Zamudio
French, Thanks to Guilaine Robin of Université Lorraine, Metz (France)
Italian, Thanks to Antonella Toffetti of CRF, Torino (Orbassano)
Japanese, Thanks to Yuichi Saito of the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT)

If you have translated the scale into another language, let me know so I can add your version here.

Please note that in the original publication the scoring is published incorrectly. In the pdf document (download here) this was changed manually.

If you use this scale you must refer to
Van der Laan, J.D., Heino, A., & De Waard, D. (1997). A simple procedure for the assessment of acceptance of advanced transport telematics. Transportation Research - Part C: Emerging Technologies, 5, 1-10.

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